How to Store Your Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry making supplies are essential tools in the business of making jewelry, embroidery, and other craft projects. Once you start designing and making jewelry pieces, or engaging in any other creative project, you will gradually discover the tools you need for every task. Most people start with two or three essential tools and slowly build up their stock as they get more experience in their talent.

In time, as you gain experience, you end up having quite an extensive collection of tools and supplies. Your stock of supplies grows as you learn the best tools for each job and the items to use to make your work easier or more attractive. At such a stage you have to properly maintain and store your supplies and tools to keep them in excellent condition.

– Why jewelry supplies need proper storage

The storage of jewelry making supplies affects their life span. Storage also affects the way that you design and make your items. If you have an organized storage and workspace, you will make things fast and have a good workflow. Unfortunately, many craftspeople do not pay attention to storage and care of their supplies. If you do not store your supplies properly and take care of them, you will end up incurring unnecessary expenses when making replacements. You will also waste time and energy during work finding different items instead of focusing on your designs.

– Make it clean and spacious

The care and storage of jewelry making supplies must start with a clean and ample storage area. If you squeeze your supplies into a small space, you will find it hard to work efficiently. Have a place for every item so that each tool, type of bead and stringing material among other things has its place.

To make it easy on yourself, use bright colored storage materials that stand out and are labeled correctly. A storage cabinet painted white with many drawers is ideal. You can also have shelves with some boxes or closed containers where you store different item. Each box or container should be clearly labeled showing what it contains.

– Keep you supplies close

When storing jewelry making supplies, you must also keep them at close reach. Do not store your items in places that are hard to reach. It will affect your workflow and in some cases, hidden supplies will go unused. Keeping thing close at reach and easily visible also helps in stock taking so that you know what to buy when shopping for more supplies.

Where you have metallic objects such as tools, make sure they are well-oiled and working correctly at all times. Dust out your supplies cabinet and tools often to keep from dust accumulations. Also, make sure that sharp objects are away from the reach of children. These sharp items should also be stored in a way that they cannot accidentally injure someone.

– Purchase your supplies online

Jewelry making supplies are easy to purchase online. You will find a wide selection of tools, beads and threading material for any project. Purchasing supplies online will help you to save money, and it is convenient. If you buy supplies in bulk, you get good discounts. Best of all, you can arrange for the supplier to deliver to your door step. So why not order you supplies online today!

The author is a freelance writer that specializes in jewelry making articles.  She makes jewelry for sale and also for personal use from home. Her articles highlight her experience in jewelry making using a variety of beads and tools. In this article, she provides helpful information on wholesale jewelry making supplies.

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Author: Aronno Bhowmick