How to Open a Port on Your Broadband Internet Router

Certain applications that regularly communicate with the Internet may require you to open a port on your broadband Internet router in order to function properly. Many video games with online multiplayer components also require a port to be opened before the multiplayer mode can be accessed and used to its fullest potential. The good news is that opening a port on your broadband Internet router doesnt require years of computer experience or the help of a trained (and expensive) professional. You can make any necessary adjustments to your routers settings in just a couple of moments right from your Web browser.

Step 1
Turn on any computer in your home that is connected to the Internet via your broadband Internet router. As the settings utility for a router is accessed via a Web browser and not through an installed application, you can change any settings youd like an open a port on your router from any computer that already has access to your home network.

Step 2
Log in to your router settings utility from your Web browser of choice. Locate the IP address for your router in either the manual that came with the device or in a label affixed to the bottom of the device itself. Enter the router into the address bar and enter the appropriate username and password to access the settings utility.

Step 3
Select the CatID of options in the settings utility labeled “Applications and Gaming.” Note that depending on the manufacturer of your broadband Internet router the appropriate setting may be called something slightly different, though it will always have a similar name.

Step 4
Specify a “Start” and “End” port range to be opened using the appropriately labeled boxes on screen. If you only want to open a single port, enter the number of the appropriate port into both the boxes labeled “Start” and “End.” Note that most games and applications that require the use of specific ports will also specify those ports in the original product documentation.
Once finished, click the box labeled “Enabled” to specify that the aforementioned ports need to be opened. If your router settings utility allows you to do so, enter the name of the program in a box labeled “Application” (or a box with a similar name) so that you know in the future what purpose those ports were opened for.

Step 5
Select the option labeled “Save Changes.” The ports that you have specified will be opened on your router and you can now use the game or application as you intended. Note that you can repeat these steps to open additional ports as you deem necessary.
You always want to be careful when opening points on your broadband Internet router for reasons of security. Opening too many ports or ports that dont necessarily need to be opened could increase the networks vulnerability to spyware and other types of malware. Always make sure that youre using a firewall or some type of other protection when adjusting ports on your broadband Internet router.

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