Choosing the Best Sky TV Packages

TV is seen as one of the threads of life that you cannot live without. This means that you have to take care when you choose the Sky TV packages you buy. You have to consider a number of points when you are looking at these packages. You should not only look at the cost of the package, but whether your purchase is meeting all your priorities. You do not want to get the cheapest package only to find you have nothing to watch because the channel selection is seriously limited.

What to Look for in Sky TV Packages
There are a number of factors that you have to look at when you compare Sky TV packages. Each package offered by this provider is different and offers you different features:

The number of channels you are going to get
What channels you are getting
The cost of installation
The cost of the hardware
Contract length
Additional costs
Is a bundle better?

When you look at all of these factors you are able to find the best deal that suits you need. This is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind. The best deal is not related t what you are getting but how what you are getting related to what you want and need.

The Number of Channels
There are a lot of TV channels that you can get, and you need to find out how many you are getting. With Sky the number of channels depends on the packages you are getting. Some packages have 20 channels while others offer over 300 channels. Of course, the more channels you are going to get the more expensive your package will become. The most expensive package is the one that offers over 300 channels.

What Channels are You Getting?
While it is wonderful that have the option of 300 channels the question is: “will you find anything you want to watch?” If all the channels you have show something your do not want to watch you are not getting value for money. You have to consider that Sky groups their TV channels into packs and you have to know what those packs are:

Entertainment The entertainment pack has 35 of the most popular Sky channels. This means that you will be able to see all the best dramas, comedies and series.
Entertainment Extra This pack has over 80 channels is considered the best one for families. The reason for this is that is comes with channels that cover documentaries, news and music, as well as the entertainment channels.
Sky Entertainment Extra+ – The main difference between this pack and the other Entertainment Extra is that you are able to get HD channels with this pack.
Sky Movies The movies pack houses all of the movie channels that Sky offers. These channels show non-stop movies and allow you to watch movies on demand, in HD.
Sky Sport This is an essential pack for any sport lover. Sky Sport has a large number of channels that cover every sport imaginable. You are also able to watch the sport in HD and, with some packages, in 3D.
Extra channels The extra channels pack covers the channels that you may not think about getting. These include classic movies, ESPN and other minor channels.

Before you sign up to a package you need to see which packs are included. If you are not getting the pack you want then you should look at a different package.

Cost of Installation
The cost of installation should always be looked at. With Sky TV packages you are likely to pay an installation cost. The reason for this is that the technician needs to install the dish used for this TV or check that the dish you have is installed correctly. Some deals have this installation for free so you should keep your eye out for these deals.

Cost of the Hardware
In order to watch the TV package you have to have certain hardware. This hardware includes the top box as well as the dish. You should consider which box you are getting, as this depends on the package you are getting.

Sky offers 4 different boxes, and they generally come for free when you sign up to a deal. The cost of the package may be affected by the type of box you are getting. The more advanced the features of the box the more the package costs overall.

The only time you may have to pay for the hardware you need is when a replacement is needed. Of course, if the reason for this replacement is down to the service then Sky should provide a replacement for free.

Contact Length
When you look at anything you should always see how long you are locked into a contract. The common length of the contract with Sky is 12 months. Many other providers have contracts that last for 18 months. It is very rare that you will find a contract for longer than this term.

Additional Costs
You always need to read the small print of a contract – and your TV packages are no different. You should see if you are liable for any additional costs. These costs include cancellation fees, and costs that may be applied should you move house and want to transfer your TV package.

Are Bundles Better?
When you are looking at the TV package you may want to consider whether a bundle deal is better. These bundles usually include broadband and phone services. When you have all of these products from the same provider you may find that the overall cost is less. There are also added features when you get a bundle deal. The most common additional feature is a number of months for free with the contract.

When you look at bundles you should also see if there are any online exclusives. These deals will give you additional features when you buy them online. Of course, they are only available online and are generally time-sensitive.

Sky Broadband Unlimited
Many broadband providers offer unlimited broadband. The problem comes when users try get caught by fair usage policy data caps and traffic management policies. Perhaps the best thing about Skys unlimited packages is that they are truly unlimited. There is no interference from the provider and users can upload and download as much as they want.

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