How Danner Boots Are Designed and Crafted

Danner has been producing superior boots and hiking footwear beginning in 1932, when the company was founded by Charles Danner. Danner makes use of the best possible raw materials and practices that are available to craft boots that are long lasting and will last for many years. There are several steps and processes that go towards constructing a pair of Danner hiking boots.

Danner creates their hiking footwear almost from the ground up by master artisans within their Portland, Oregon facility. The tradesmen stitch the many different parts of the footwear with one another skillfully by hand and utilize hinged lasts to make the boot on.

Danner styles and manufactures each and every boot using the absolute best supplies attainable, like high quality natural leather, Gore-Tex inserts, and Vibram outsoles. Danner hiking footwear tends to be produced applying procedures like San Crispino and stitch-down manufacturing. These types of procedures can solely be executed by hand and make the footwear sturdier.

To start with, Danner artisans assess and rank the leather hide that will go in to a pair of hiking boots to make certain it meets the company’s expectations. The leather is evaluated using a scale of 1-5. The leather undergoes a number of tests, which will determine its durability, flexibility, thickness, and more.

When the craftspeople score and assess the leather, it will now head to the people who cut it. Each section of leather will be cut manually into the numerous segments for the boots. The cutters evaluate the leather and choose which regions of the leather to use. Any and all blemishes or irregularities contained in the leather are going to be cut around; nothing but the absolute best parts of the leather is utilized.

After the leather hide for the footwear is scored, examined, cut, and stitched, Danner provides purposely designed Vibram rubber outsoles. Fabricated from vulcanized rubber, all the Vibram outsoles are crafted through a process containing various phases. Numerous essential liquids, pellets, and powders will be mixed with polymer to make a rubberized compound substance. All the rubber composite will then be placed in a mold at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and dissolved to create the outsole.

Danner was initially the first business to utilize Gore-Tex liners within its footwear. Danner continues this excellent custom by making use of Gore-Texs 100% waterproof and breathable footwear liners. These liners will be sewed together using only one seam, which is known as the “Around the World” stitch. Danner footwear that are created in the company’s Portland, Oregon factory using stitch-down construction are re-craftable. Danner has the capacity to re-craft hiking boots by swapping out the outsole, re-stitching the seams, and replacing parts of the leather.

Danner is always dedicated to crafting hiking boots of remarkable high quality and workmanship. Danner takes tremendous pleasure in what they do, using only raw materials and methods that fulfill the company’s high standards. Danner footwear is guaranteed to be well built and last quite a while.

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