26613Select the best bedding sets for your own room

Select bedding bedroom is particularly important for the quality of home, to distinguish clearly inferior quality bedding and bedding is the decoration must master skills. The following cheap bedding store will take you to see how to distinguish poor quality bedding, give yourself a reassuring bedroom.

High quality silk is white slightly yellow uniform natural glossy surface is better, should not use bleach silk, color dark or strange shiny silk. After stretching, the longer the better silk, silk cotton, if found, impurities, chemical fiber or other Silk Road chaos, fluorescent reflective, please do not buy.

With fluffy evenness good silk is better; five look combustion reaction: Silk hairy fever burning smell when burning, combustion of black particles, brittle and fragile, pinching instantly into a powder.

In the selection of the winter is, “where”, “outside” must take into account not only look quilt, also depends on the filler material. If you want to buy winter is, first of all depends on the identified core, all the regular manufacturers of winter are the core packaging will be sewn on a logo, the public can be informed about the identity of the core from the filler description, weight, hair grade velvet, fabric composition, size specifications, washing methods, the implementation of standards and other information. If the sales of winter is no certificate, it is best not to buy.

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