Hiring A Certified Sacramento Exterminator

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Before hiring any Sacramento exterminator, there are a lot of things has to be considered. Termite exterminators must sometimes make structural changes to the buildings they service. Holes may have to be drilled in basement floors to pump chemicals into the soil under the house. To keep termites from returning, exterminators must sometimes raise foundations or replace infested wood. If this alteration work is very extensive, however, the homeowner usually calls in building contractors and carpenters. Once termites have been thoroughly eradicated from a building, they are not likely to return soon. For this reason, termite exterminators work on a single-visit rather than a contract basis. The work of several exterminators may be directed and coordinated by an extermination supervisor. In addition to the above duties, pest control workers must keep records of the dates each account is serviced, the type and strength.

Certification or Licensing

Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, all pesticide products are classified by the degree of hazard they pose to people and the environment. Therefore, pest control workers must be licensed in all states. Some of these states also require the applicant to pass a written examination. Because many pest control workers have access to residences and businesses, most exterminating companies require that their employees be bonded. This means an employee must be at least 18 years of age and have no criminal record.

Other Requirements

Pest control technicians or Sacramento exterminator should be able to use good judgment and follow oral and written instructions well. These workers should also be very conscientious and responsible, because any mistakes they make applying or handling chemicals could result in serious injury or even death for either themselves or their clients. Pest control workers should be in good general health and able to lift fairly heavy objects. Because route workers usually make service calls alone, they need a drivers license, a safe driving record, and the ability to work well alone. Manual dexterity and mechanical ability are also important for pest control workers. Termite exterminators will also find knowledge of carpentry valuable. Many pest control workers are employed in states that have warmer climates. Pest control rats, and other pests. Termite exterminators tend to work in suburbs and small towns, where there are many wood frame buildings. They usually work a 40-hour week, but may work longer hours in the spring and summer when insects and rodents are most active. Sometimes they have to work nights if an establishment such as a restaurant does not want spraying to occur in front of their customers.

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