Four Things You Should Provide Your Employees With When Working Out Of Town

If you are sending your employees to work a job out of town, dont just turn them loose and let them be on their way. They will either never get the job done or it will take an inordinate amount of time. In some cases, you may never see them again! Take care of your employees by providing them with some basics so they get the job done.

On-Site Lodging
Provide your employees with custom trailers to live in at or near the job site. Being close to the job site is convenient for your workers. Not having to drive in from a hotel cuts down on travel time and means more time on the job. While living in a trailer is not home, a custom trailer with amenities can give your employees some sort of “home away from home.” They will have a warm bed and be ready to go day after day.

A Meal Budget
Being away from home is tough and one comfort your employees will find is food. They will look forward to meals so provide them with a meal budget that will make them happy. After working hard during the day, let them enjoy some nice dinners. A happy employee is a better employee!

A Paid Cell Phone To Call Home
Everyone has cell phones these days, but wouldnt it be nice if, while youre away, you didnt have to pay for any of the minutes you use to call home? Provide a paid cell phone, or pay for the minutes, so your employees can call their loved ones each day while they are gone. Again, its not like being at home, but talking to a wife or a child about their day can brighten the spirits of anyone. You will reap the benefits of a much happier worker.

A Rental Car
Allow your employees a rental car to get to the job site. This way they have transportation while away. They are not just tied to their custom trailer, they have some mobility. They will need to travel for meals and may have some time for exploring an area that they have never visited before. Depending on the length of the job, your employees may find themselves with some time on their hands and could use the time away from the job site. Remember, a happy employee will be more productive. Each of these amenities will help keep your employees spirits up while they are away from home.

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