Ford’s New Hybrids: A Closer Look

The big news in the logistics industry is that Ford are set to make their new hybrid vans available. Back at the start of 2019, the manufacturer announced that all their models would include an electrified option, with this including their hybrids too. Those involved in courier work are sure to want to know more, especially if they’re considering a vehicle upgrade.

The two Ford vans that have proved most popular with workers in the logistics industry will be some of the first to be included in this new move – this is likely to encourage those in the courier work business to make their move and snap one of them up quickly.

Focus & Fiesta

April saw the unveiling of the Ford Focus and Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid models. These feature a three-cylinder, one-litre petrol engine, which is best described as a kind of ‘mild hybrid’ form of the normal EcoBoost. The turbocharger on these vehicles is much larger, whilst the battery fitted within the EcoBoost Hybrid models is a 48-volt lithium-ion and is air-cooled. In place of an alternator, they are fitted with a belt-driven integrated generator/starter.

Improved Performance

When it comes to efficiency and reducing emissions, the stats speak for themselves. These new models demonstrate extremely competitive figures in both areas. The Focus EcoBoost’s fuel efficiency is 4.71/100km, whilst the Fiesta sits at 4.91/100km. CO2 emissions also see a reduction compared to other vehicles, with the stats for the Focus beginning at 106g/km and the Fiesta from 112g/km.

These stats show how both vans will offer you significant reductions on fuel and running costs, whilst the enhanced protection against emissions will ensure that you are fully compliant with the latest EU regulations – which is vitally important when performing courier work.

Larger Vehicles

If you’re looking for something a little bit larger than the Focus or Fiesta, then the best thing to do is sit tight for now – Ford will be releasing brand new hybrid models of the TDCi diesel Transit and Torneo vehicles. They are also set to record some excellent statistics:

● Transit Two-Tonne EcoBlue: Fuel efficiency – 7.61/100km, CO2 emissions – from 144g/km.

● Transit Custom EcoBlue: Fuel efficiency – 6.71/100km, CO2 emissions – from 139g/km.

● Torneo Custom EcoBlue: Fuel efficiency – 7.01/100km, CO2 emissions – from 137g/km.

Ford are always keen to highlight their pledge to focus on manufacturing environmentally friendly and sustainable vehicles, which these new models demonstrate. If you think it’s time to upgrade, then these new vehicles with green engines are a great way to make sure that you stay on top of environmental regulations.

If you’re involved in courier work, you’ll want to check out the new vehicles unveiled by Ford this year. From the Focus to the Fiesta, you’ll discover that all the manufacturer’s models now come with these enhanced hybrid features.

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