Five Reasons To Engage Exterminator Services In Phoenix

All too often, people put off calling in the exterminator services in favour of thinking that they can handle it themselves, or that maybe the problem will just sort of go away on its own. This pretty much never works out. Here are just five of the best reasons to engage exterminator services rather than trying to get rid of your invaders your own way.

1. All Actions Have Consequences
Imagine, for a moment, that you’ve put down some poison for rats. Once they’ve eaten it, they won’t die on the spot – they’ll crawl off into the skirting boards to die, where you won’t know how to trace them or get hold of them and their corpses will slowly rot, scenting your home with the lovely aroma of decomposing flesh. If you’d hired professional exterminator services, they’d have sealed up the entrances and laid poison in such a way that this could be avoided.

2. You Could Harm Your Children Or Pets
You probably don’t have any experience in laying poison in such a way that small children and curious animals can’t get to it. Or maybe you’ll try using an old-fashioned snapping mousetrap – of the kind that can remove the top of a kid’s finger. Exterminator services no longer use these traps, and that’s not without good reason. They will also be able to properly contain harmful chemicals, and generally take into account all the ways that their plan could be dangerous to other inhabitants of your home.

3. You Might Make The Problem Worse
If you try ineptly to kill many kinds of insects, they might start separate nests and hives – meaning that eventually you’ll have twice as many. If you kill the leader of some kinds of pest colony, it really is true that all the soldiers and workers from that colony could then swarm you. Mice scatter and start multiple nests, giving you more than one location to eliminate. Then you really will have to call in exterminator services.

4. You’re Probably Missing Something Vital
Say you find evidence of termites living in your windowsill. You do everything you can figure out how to do, and it works – no more termites, hurrah! Then one day you get home from vacation to find that your entire wall has collapsed. The windowsill termites were just the tip of the iceberg – they were living in the wall, too, but you didn’t have the expertise to spot them there. A professional exterminator always knows where to check and what to look for.

5. It Probably Won’t Work Anyway
The fact of the matter is that you don’t know what you’re doing, and the pests do. They’ve evolved over millions of years to know exactly how to avoid you and best your efforts – it takes a lot of training to know how to outfox them. If someone who knew nothing about your job read one book and tried to do it themselves, how good at it do you think they would be?

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