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When it comes to wearing surf bikinis, women are a little more hesitant, and prefer other sporty swimsuits. This fear is particularly aided by the number of possible accidents and tears to the bikinis. However, as we keep saying, every woman has one perfect surf bikini waiting for her out there, and all she needs to do is just find it. In vein of that, today we talk of some of the little tips, tricks and cheats as to how you can find the perfect surf bikinis that not only make you look great, but also leave you feeling empowered and confident to take on the waves.

•Go for tops with a criss-cross back because they have a better structural integrity. We understand that stringed or spaghetti strap bikinis may look fun, flirty and sexy, but trust us on this, they are highly risky if you are going to be swimming or even surfing with powerful tides. Instead, surf bikinis that have a racer or even a crisscross back are better option because they are sturdier and cover more skin.

•Do not ever go for a bikini top that has to be tied. This is because not only will the tis be gradually weakened and compromised by the degradation effect of the salt water, but also because chances are that it will come undone at the strongest waves. Instead, if you want to go to for strings, we suggest that you try the ones which have very wide attached strings or straps.

•Measurement is also very essential when buying any kind of sporty swimsuits. Where often most women make a mistake is that they do not get measured and tend to buy bikini tops that is the same as their bra size. Let us tell you that those two sizes will differ because of the basic difference in the materials with which they are made. Therefore, if you are going to buy a new surf bikini, we suggest that you get measured at the store by professionals and then try them out.

•We also suggest that you go for wide shorts or at least bikini bottoms that cover a large part of your bottom and have a wider waistband. This is because the wider the waistband and the larger the amount of fabric, the lesser is the chance of the bikini bottom coming undone or you having accidental slips.

•While it is very easy to buy the very first pair of surfing bikini that you get your hands on, we suggest that you take the time to look at the finishing of it. Make sure that all of the seams along the edges are tucked in and that all the stitching is done meticulously. Additionally, make sure that you buy bikinis that have neoprene or rubber edges, since they provide good grip and help the fabric stay in place.

•At any cost, you should avoid white or any light-coloured bikinis, because not only will they stain easily, but trust us when we say this, the salty water and the pollution will definitely discolour the fabric, leaving behind an ugly, almost yellowing bikini that looks at least a thousand years old. Instead, go for vibrant patterns and block prints that hide any form of discolouration and bleaching.

In conclusion, the world of sporty swimsuits is deeper and infinitely bigger than we give it credit for. Especially when it comes to surf bikinis , individuals are spoiled for choices, but what matters is making wise and educated decisions when buying one.

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