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Ever wondered why women love wearing wetsuits so much? It is because of the material they are made up of. Do you know which material they are made up of? It is one of the first synthetic rubber which was commercially successful in the market. The name is neoprene. It was manufactured way back in 1930 by DuPont and is also called by the chemical name polychloroprene. Originally intended to be used as an alternative to natural rubber, neoprene evolved across the course of time to be used diversely across different industries such as sports, civil engineering, aquatics, automotive and even hydroponic gardening. But we are here to talk about its extensive use in the making of neoprenanzug damen. Let us learn about the advantages one can derive from the use of neoprene shirts.

1. Physical toughness
The most beneficial aspect that can be guaranteed by the usage of neoprene shirts is the immense amount of physical toughness. It is one of the finest all-purpose rubbers mostly because of its sheer toughness as a synthetic rubber. The physical, as well as chemical properties of neoprene, making it resistant to oil, ozone, heat, and chemicals. It is superior to any other regular rubber. It is also extensively used in the automotive as well as the medical industry because of its intense ability of elastic metal bonding. Many types of protective gears such as aprons, gloves, and tires are also manufactured with neoprene because of its toughness and elasticity.

2. Resistant to water and weather
Other important characteristics of neoprene which makes it indispensable in its usage are its chemical stability which makes it resistant to water and adverse weather conditions. It can withstand a wide range of temperature differences and yet successfully maintain its flexibility and strength. No weather elements like snow, sand, sunlight, ozone, oxygen or even dust can degrade its quality. Its weather resistant properties are somewhat responsible for its usage in the making of neoprene shirts.

3. A good solvent-resistant adhesive
The adhesive market is currently dominated by solvent-borne adhesives which are based on neoprene. This is because neoprene is such a substance which is resistant to solvents and has excellent adhesive properties. This serves as one of the reasons behind its extensive use in the shoe industry.

4. Free of latex
One of the most common allergies is latex. Due to neoprene’s synthetic nature, it is free of latex and ideal for usage in manufacturing of medical goods including emergency items such as dental dams, casts, bandages, and gloves. Sports shoe soles are also widely manufactured using neoprene. So, the women worrying about side effects of wearing neoprene shirts, take note that it is one of the safest items to be used in clothing. That is why the demand of neoprenanzug damen is increasing day by day. Even the automotive industry is being heavily affected by the usage of neoprene. The number of construction projects is rising, investors all over the world are showing gradually increasing levels of interest in the neoprene market.

5. Protection and cushioning
Neoprene can be availed in many thickness and densities which makes it appropriate for cushioning purposes. It provides strong cushioning wherever required. Computer covers and ankle braces are often made of the finest neoprene.

neopren shirt – These are just some of the beneficial aspects of neoprene which makes it an indispensable substance to be used in the market. The demand for neoprenanzug damen is gradually going higher.

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