Fasten your Chain Findings with Lovely Jewelry Clasps

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Jewelry clasps come in all shapes and they are made of different materials. However, all of them serve one purpose; fastening your necklace or your bracelet. Although many people ignore this item, it is as important as your chain. A nice clasp will make your accessory to look more attractive. They also add value to your chain findings. You can have your valuable chains fixed with gold or silver clasps to look classy.

Though, they are merely used for holding the necklace on your neck having a perfect one, will attract some attention to your piece. They are by all means affordable and the market has a lot for anybody who would care to buy one. Metallic jewelry clasps are a better choice for chains since they are hard enough and they blend well with the rest of the chain.

Best Clasps to use on Chain Findings

1. Lobster Clasp
It is a simple clasp and if you love accessories, you might have seen it in many of your necklaces or even bracelets. The clasp works well with a variety of jewelry. They are easy to fasten and will not waste your time in the morning as you put on your chain. If you are looking for something that will keep your chain firm all day without falling off then go for these classy jewelry clasps.

2. Toggle Clasp
Toggle clasps are very easy to fasten. They use a key and lock mechanism where there is an opening and you just enter the other end that looks like a key. They come in a wide range of shapes and colors. All you need to do is to pick one that matches with your chain.

3. Lanyard hook clasps
They are mostly used on lanyards but they are also fit for any other jewelry piece. They carry a hook where you tag the far side of your chain.

4. Spring ring clasp
For your small chain findings, go for spring ring clasp. They are very light and delicate. If you love tighter chains or have arthritis avoid these clasps since they snap easily if subjected to a lot of pressure.

5. Box Clasp
It has the simplest locking system that separates any time you press and pull on the lever. They come in various designs and sizes. If your chains are multi-stranded, you can allow for the clasps that are designed for such kind of pieces.

How to Attach a Lobster Clasp on a Chain

A lobster clasp is preferred on chains since it is more secure. Chain findings will cost one a fortune hence; you will need reliable jewelry clasps that will safe guard your treasure. This is how you do it. For the best results incorporating a crystal or pearl bead on the end of your chain will greatly enhance its appearance. The method uses a wire wrapping technique. You will require two nose pliers, a precious stone or acrylic bead and a head pin. Wrap in the drops in to one end of the chain using the head pin. With a smooth chain nose pliers bend the chain to fix both parts of the clasp onto it. The part of the chain with the bead should be very noticeable when you lock the clasp.

 If you would like to look good, you should look for simple accessories like chain findings and jewelry clasps as such make all the difference. The author has specialized in making these for many years.

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