Experience Gifts That Will Make You Scream!

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Whilst some people think of screaming as a negative thing, best saved for times of extreme peril, many people scream with delight when they are particularly happy, or just like the feeling of being scared.

If you want to buy someone a gift which will encourage them to emit a high pitched cry, then there are a few options, depending on the kind of scream you are hoping to elicit.

Feel the Fear and Scream Anyway

For those who have a phobia, screaming might be a more regular occurrence than most people would expect , what with the relentless onslaught of nature into even the best protected home.

If you know someone who is rendered incapable by the very thought that a spider or other bug might have breached the perimeter of their home, then giving them something to scream about could actually help them.

The chance to face your phobia can be an effective therapy when it comes to overcoming a fear of creeping critters, and with experienced staff on hand to guide participants through the process, the screaming could be a therapeutic element to the process.

Being able to confront creatures which would previously have had you screaming is a liberating experience and one which could be life-changing.

In a Giant Inflatable Ball, Nobody Can Hear You Scream

Anyone who has never tried zorbing might not have considered the kind of noise they might make if they were rolling down in a hill in a huge inflatable ball, possibly filled with water.

For many, the natural reaction is to scream, although whether that is with excitement, pleasure or the sheer surprise at the sensation of tumbling along inside a massive ball!

For those who like to share their unusual experiences, and who have friends or family members who are crazy enough to want to join them, you can get into a sphere together and see if you can untangle yourselves from one another at the bottom.

Something Spooky This Way Comes

For some people, there is an inherent appeal about all things scary – they love horror films and their favourite time of year is Halloween when they get to scare themselves and their friends silly with costumes and elaborate.

Anyone who loves to give themselves a good scare will appreciate the chance to go on a ghost bus tour, taking in some of the most notorious spots in the capital with gory tales to explain why each spot has such as ghostly provenance.

With so many spots to visit, ghost bus tours take in some of the most popular sights in town as well as revealing some of the secrets of the capital.

From monarchs being beheaded in Whitehall to the execution of commoners at the Tower of London, there are plenty of official spots where bloodshed has been commonplace through the years.


Whatever makes you scream, whether you are scared of even the tiniest spider or are tough enough to face some of the grisliest stories that London has to offer, there are experience gifts which will get anyone’s heart racing.

There are a range of adrenaline experiences which will present both mental and physical challenges, or those which are more psychological in nature, allowing you to face your fears and conquer them.

All the activities are run by expert instructors who have plenty of experience in helping people to make the most of the opportunity to push themselves to the limit, so you will be in good hands, even if you feel like you’re about to take your life in yours!

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