Do You Really Know_ What exactly is Your Teen Doing with their Cell Phone_

Plainly, children are using cell phones more than ever before. Smartphones are becoming well established as part of the day-to-day lives of children. About twenty two % of young children (ages 6-9) possess a mobile phone, 60 percent of tweens (ages 10-14), and 84 percent of teens (ages 15-18). Moreover phone suppliers now are advertising to younger kids with decorative kid-friendly phones and easy-to-use functions. Just about 54 % of kids aged between 8 to 12 years could have cell phones within the next 3 years.

Monitoring Your Family is a Good Idea.

I was totally devastated when I learned my honor-roll student was actually a cyber bully. Everyone knows that teenagers believe they know more than you do. Guess what, they are right. Bullying remains a extreme concern and many families are asking what can I do to stop cyber bullying.

These kinds of topics are sure to have a bearing on pretty much all parents in the US. If youngsters are tangled up in bad behavior are mothers and fathers to blame_ Just who is liable when adolescents are involved in harmful behaviors_ Are mothers and fathers accountable_I think I’m thoroughly knowledgeable enough to go over this issue mainly because it is something I have lived through myself.

Data from research shows that teenagers are both comfortable with new technologies, and yet not always as technically savvy as as is commonly believed. They talk about way too much and often take it much too personally. The typical North American teen transmits an average of around 100 SMS text messages every day. A disturbing 20% of teenagers admit they have sent naked or seminude ‘sexting’ images; this is possibly a serious sex crime. 80% of all car collisions in the US involve preoccupied motorists, killing thousands of teens each year. For those who start thinking about teenager web routines, do you give some thought to their mobile phones_ Cell phones have advanced from simply being communication devices to portable, miniature computers. Cell phones come with operating systems similar to computers which let users to download applications. These apps allow users perform tasks like access e-mail and play games. Also, most cell phones let users to upload and download description from the web just like a computer. But the truth is, cell phones can be more difficult to supervise than a computer, and teenagers often use them without adult oversight. It is strongly suggested that you make a point to review your family web safety rules with your teens and become aware of the hazards before allowing them to possess cellphones.

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