A Guide for Beginners to Buying Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

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While you might tend to think that making jewelry is such a difficult thing, you will however realize that this is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable thing that you can do. If you decide to take up making jewelry as a hobby, it is of paramount importance that you know where to order the right and most appropriate wholesale jewelry supplies that you need. Buying these supplies in bulk is of paramount importance especially for beginners as this helps ensure that you get them in a cost effective manner and get to save big when procuring them. There are many different types of jewelry supplies that you should buy in wholesale as highlighted here below:


Tools make a very important part of wholesale jewelry supplies as they are used for assembling the jewelry pieces that you are making. There are so many different types of tools that you will need to accomplish your jewelry making project. For starters, you will need the chain nose pliers or needle nose for the purposes of bending and straightening the wire you will be using to make the jewelry. Then there are the wire cutters which are used to cut via metals and another equally important tool is the round nose pliers that you will need to make loops in wires.


In the world of wholesale jewelry supplies, findings refer to those components like connectors and fasteners which are needed for completing the project. There are so many different types of findings available out there and depending on what you are making, you should be able to determine what is more important for you. There are the head pins for example which come in many different sizes and are of many types as well. In this regard, you should consider options such as standard head pins, eye pins, balls pins and even decorative pins. Others such as jump rings are very important and they come in various sizes. Other findings include the likes of crimps, bead tips, ear wires and hoops and clasps.


Beads are among the most important types of wholesale jewelry supplies and in fact, no jewelry making project can be complete without them. You are going to need these beads and it is essential you know that they come in many different sizes, colors, patterns, shapes and even types. Buying these supplies online ensures that you are able to get a large variety of beads that you want to complete your project. A good thing to do is to do your homework very well before you purchase these beads so that you can have exactly what you need for your project.

There are so many places available out there where you can buy wholesale jewelry supplies and see your project become completed successfully. is the best online store to procure all the many and different types of supplies that you need and you will get them at reasonable prices with no compromise on the quality.

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