Details About Krautkramer Dynapocket

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The evaluation or display unit and also the impact display are integrated in just one Dynapocket instrument. Because of this you may have no cables, low weight and smaller dimensions. For this reason, you should have a hardness tester that is certainly extremely compact readily available. The best part is that it can go anywhere with you with very little fuss as it can fit into your pocket. No matter what location you happen to be in, and which direction of testing you want to function, the correct instrument to utilize will be the Dynapocket.

With all the Krautkramer Dynapocket, you obtain easy testing. You may are able to measure in every direction, any location and immediately. The best part is that this is all possible with accuracy you can rely on. You will find a patented procedure of signal so that you wont must input additional factors of correction for that direction in the impact, if you are measuring in overhead or horizontal positions.

Dynapocket operates by spring force impelled from the test top of the impact body. Rebound impact and velocity is measured within a mode that is certainly non-contact. The price of hardness is calculated based upon these readings. If the material is harder, the rebound velocity would then be harder therefore will the hardness value displayed. Often, there is certainly high reproducibility and high precision offered inside the rebound method measurements. This really is specifically in high test reliability. After rebounding through the top of the materials, the other impact bodys energy is measured. Observe that this mechanical properties in the material also affect lack of energy. For evaluating the precision of rebound method, the direct comparison with obtained comes from measurements of standard hardness is additionally important.

Krautkramer Dynapocket is actually a easy and handy-to-use tool for on-site rebound hardness testing. This magnificent device enables users to perform tests in virtually any position easy and fast, specifically in difficult geometry. Additionally, it may execute measurements in every direction out and in in the set like the hardness of steels – whether it be low alloy or unalloyed, high alloy, along with other nonferrous metals for many different use and purposes.

How Dynapocket Works

According to the rebound method done by impelling against the surface through a spring force the Dynapocket works. The rebound and impact speeds are measured in non-contact mode. The hardness value will be acquired according to the measures of the speed. The final results are displayed immediately. Our prime reproducibility is additionally ensured through the measurement.

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