If courier work is your bread and butter, it is likely that you already know the rules of the road very well. However, some UK driving laws are not so well known. As a driver, your whole career depends on sticking to the letter of the law. We have gathered together a handy list of some of the lesser-known regulations, so you can make sure your driving is completely faultless.

Light Flashing

Flashing your lights might seem like a useful way to communicate with other road users. However, if you use your headlights to warn others about speed cameras or police you are breaking the law. This infraction might land you with a minimum £30 fine.

Undue Sounding of Horn

The only reason drivers are meant to sound their horn is to make others aware of their presence. Beeping at pedestrians, traffic, or anything else you might encounter is not permitted and you could end up with a fine.


Once you’ve de-iced your windscreen and windows on a snowy morning, make sure to clear your roof of snow. Many people will choose not to travel after snow falls, but courier work can’t stop because of a couple of inches of snow. However, if you fail to clear it from your roof snow could go flying off and hit another vehicle – potentially causing an accident and losing you three points.

Resting on the Hard Shoulder

Did you know stopping on a hard shoulder for a rest might cost you £100? Of course, resting is essential especially during long journeys, but just stick to a service station or designated rest areas.

Smartphone Payments

This rule could easily catch you out, especially if you are as dependent on tech as most of us. Paying for food or drinks at a drive-through using your phone is not allowed – as you are in a moving vehicle you cannot use your phone at all. It’s possible this rule might change as more and more people switch to using their phones to pay for things, right now, however, just use cash or card.

Muddy Plates

Keeping a van clean is no easy task, and no one is going to arrest you if your vehicle is not sparkling and spotless. It is important, though, to make sure your reg plates are readable. If they are covered in mud or obscured by anything else, you could be fined.

Middle Lane Hogging

Drivers who happily roll along in the middle lane totally oblivious to everyone else on the road are some of the most frustrating road users we come across in courier work. We’ve all got places to be and they just make getting there more difficult! You’ll be glad to know this inconsiderate, and sometimes dangerous, driving is punishable by a fine and points off your license. And if you are someone who occasionally stays a tad too long in the middle lane, take this as a friendly reminder to move over as soon as you can.

Did you know all of these? If so, well done! You are a courier work champion. If not, you’re welcome!

Norman Dulwich is a correspondent for Courier Exchange, the world's largest neutral trading hub for same day courier work in the express freight exchange industry. Over 5,400 member companies are networked together through the Exchange to fill empty capacity, get new clients and form long-lasting business relationships.

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