Chris Fricke Has Posted a Campaign in Kickstarter Requesting Help to Build a Mobile Coffee Roastery

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Grand Rapids, MI (September 06, 2017) – Chris Fricke the creator of this project on Kickstarter and his wife Shelby roast coffee fresh on their 1989 Dodge B250 camper van. They used their savings from this business to buy their future coffee or home roaster. The duo has been remodeling the roaster for over a year now and they have almost completed this project.

They roast their coffee using the Sonofresco Air Roaster and the beans are straight trade and they were obtained from around the world.

The Hippie, the Nomao, and the Gramps are the three roasts they offer and their goal for this project on Kickstarter is to hit the road this fall. They have plans to travel across the United States while continuing their coffee roasting for a larger group of customers. They have stated that the donations from this campaign will be used for interiors, exterior and also for the van maintenance.

About Vanabond Coffee:
This company is run by the husband and wife and they are passionate about the war on human trafficking. They are passionate about helping women at risk from around the world.

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Vanabond Coffee is run by Chris Fricke and his wife Shelby. They love sharing quality coffee and they wish to inspire others to explore. They roast their coffee in their van and they wish to take their Coffee roasting to a larger group of people.

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