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You have the freedom to spend your holidays wakeboarding, or you can try out kitesurfing, or maybe windsurfing! One thing that you should remember in common for all these sports activities is that, you should wear the women’s impact vest to protect your upper body/ torso against the inevitable and hard brushes of water!

The vests will not only keep you safe, but will also keep you comfortable at the same time! Also, the style factor and the fact that they’ll help you float a little just makes the women’s impact vests earn brownie points! However, you need to remember that an impact vest cannot and should not be considered as an alternative to life jackets! Nevertheless, you must try the impact vests and try something new and crazy!

Wakeboarding can be super fun, but you must take all safety measures before you try and attempt it. Here we have shared some tips and some things to remember for the newbie wakeboarders. Read on!

1.Approval: You must not to forget to wear a life vest that is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Neoprene impact vests though costlier, are preferred by most professional riders. They are also form-fitting and much more comfortable. As a safety measure, you should always remember to wear a personal floatation device or PFD whenever you’re out there in the waters!

2.Use the best foot: When you barge into the water for the very first time, you should always put your best foot forward. Decide which one (left or right) you want to set forth. The foot you will choose will let you regain balance and help you to kick a ball at the same time! So, choose the one wisely.

3.Be prepared to fall: While wakeboarding, there are innumerable chances that you will fall flat on your face. That’s okay and yes, the water can hurt you! Just remember to observe your instructor closely, as well as to listen to all his advice and instructions before you hit the water all by yourself again! Your instructor will know where you went wrong and will give you constructive feedback and suggestions. Be open to such inputs.

4.Shorter ropes please: Using ropes that are about 30-50 feet in length are recommended for beginners. This is because it becomes easier for them to stand again or get out of the water.

5.Never rush: You must remember that wakeboarding requires you to stay calm and relaxed. You should know that persistence is the key. Do not get frustrated when you fall flat and have to raise yourself again, and again. Failing (read falling) is an integral part of your learning process buddy!

6.Don’ts: Keep your arms straight, and don’t tug on the rope. Try and keep the handle around your waistline and hold it parallel to the water. Don’t overspeed! An average speed of 14 to 19 mph is recommended. Always look straight and resist yourself from the temptation of seeing your boat while it skips across the blue waters.

Practice, and no sooner than later you will master the art of wakeboarding!

Women’s impact vests are available in all sizes, and attractive colors in stores as well as online! Hurry up and purchase it, Try and keep it stylish girl!

womens impact vest : Water activities and water sports can be fun. You should remember to wear the womens impact vest to keep yourself protected, and also to make you look stylish at the same time. Go and purchase it from stores or online. Hurry!

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