Choosing Jewelry Findings

Its a sad fact that many crafters put very little thought into the findings they use, simply assuming that something will do the job and clearly thats enough. Thats a shame, because using the right jewelry findings is actually one of the most important things you have to think about when making jewelry; after all, they determine how long the piece will last, how it is to be worn, even who can wear it. If youd like to start putting more thought into the jewelry findings you use and how you pick them, just read on for a few bright new ideas.

Many millions of people the world over are allergic to nickel, and because this is an allergy born only of exposure the problem is in fact worsening. Make sure that anyone can buy, wear and enjoy the pieces you create by using only findings that are stainless steel at the least, and made of more precious metals if the piece warrants it. Certain UN directives prohibit the use of more than a given percentage of nickel in anything that is to come into contact with the skin, but while this may prevent more people from becoming allergic to nickel the percentages are still too high to be safe for use by existing nickel allergy sufferers.

Most people seem to think that jewelry findings come in gold-toned or silver-toned, with the occasional copper or brass toned piece thrown in for good measure. This isnt actually true: if you look for electroplated or enamelled findings, youll be able to get them in black, pink, orange, purple or any other color that you think might be fun! Play around with different color combinations and find out what works best for you.

Jewelry findings dont have to be boring and plain. Many necklace clasps, for example, are very decorative indeed you can find filigree box clasps without too much digging, and there are others. Also keep an eye out for ornate and decorative toggle clasps, spacer beads and bars, ear wires and pendant settings. You can find interesting findings at many online retailers, but dont rule out dismantling a mass-produced piece the next time you pass the cheap jewelry at your local store, take some time to examine the pieces for things you could use if you took them apart!

Findings are something that, really, you should be buying whenever you see something you like and saving up for the right moment. Dont do this with beads so much or youll end up with thousands of unusable but gorgeous examples that you have no way to store or use up, but by doing so with jewelry findings it will soon be a godsend. Every time you think to yourself “hmm, this needs something more” there will be the perfect thing to finish it off right on hand in front of you.

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