Choosing High-Quality Cheap Beads

‘Cheap beads is not synonymous with ‘low-quality beads, but you might need to spend a little time learning how and where to shop for them before you can really reap the benefit of that truth. If youd like a quick, handy guide to the kinds of cheap beads that are the most likely to be of a good quality, just read on; weve put together this quick list of some of our favorites to help get you started.
Perhaps the most basic and important of all beads, these are cheap beads that can be used for all sorts of different kinds of beadcraft: weaving, looming, stitching, embroidery, multi-strand threading, as spacers, as loops, and in a hundred and one other ways youll be able to come up with yourself if you spend a little time and thought on it. They also come in every color and finish under the sun, as well as in a wide variety of sizes so theres always something that will work.

If you want to lend your creations a feel of simple charm, wooden beads are the way to go. They come in a massive variety of sizes, finishes, colors, stains, grains and other variations, and theyre light enough to use in pretty much any jewelry context. There are even wooden beads that are essentially tiny works of art in their own right, painted with images and landscapes that make them the perfect choice for feature beads, centrepieces or earring drops. Dont be afraid to experiment with these beads theres an awful lot you can do with them that will work very well indeed.

As weve discussed before on this blog quite extensively, pewter beads are a fantastic example of cheap beads that have their own unique style and versatility. They come in a myriad of sizes, shapes, patterns and designs, and they make a great accompaniment for pewter pendants. Just bear in mind that pewter is by its very nature soft enough to tear with your bare hands, and therefore needs a little TLC and to not be used as a weight-bearing piece. Other than that, use your imagination! Designing pewter pieces is a lot of fun, not least because one benefit of the metals malleability is that you can ‘engrave your own designs into it using a piece of waxed paper and a ballpoint pen.

As cheap beads go, these are by far the cheapest of the lot in many bead shops theyre only a cent a bead. They come in pearlised, matte, shiny, glittery and translucent finishes at the very least, and often many more. Theyre most widely available in brights, neons and pastels, but other hues and tones are made if you look a little harder for them. While theyre usually best used for childrens crafts, they do have their uses in an adults beading toolkit they make fun, lightweight pieces, theyre a cheap way to colour-match your earrings with anything you desire, and theyre the ideal adornment for handmade hair falls.

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