Choose the right materials of bedding sets

Bedding should be how to choose? Strong elastic fabric with excellent breathability, fine bed decorated signs. Bedding generally use cotton, polyester cotton, yarn-dyed cotton fabric, etc., as a variety of fabrics have their own characteristics, price is not the same, following a brief characteristics of various fabrics and identification methods.

Cotton feel good, comfortable to use, easy to dye, flower variety change, soft warm, moisture absorption, washing, less static, widely used bedding material; but easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, poor flexibility, acid no alkali, not long treatment at temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius, so the best ironing wet the cotton products, easy ironing. Able to do so, after each use with a steam iron products screed, the effect will be better.

Cotton yarn-dyed cotton fabric for a use different colors of warp and weft yarns. Because after the first dye weaving, dye permeability, dyed fastness good, and different stereoscopic yarn fabrics, unique style, bedding in more performance for the stripe pattern. Features With cotton fabrics, but usually greater shrinkage.

Cotton brand products generally use 65% polyester, 35% cotton ratio of polyester fabric, plain and twill cotton is divided into two kinds. Plain cotton cloth thin, strength and wear resistance are very good, shrinkage minimal aliasing made ​​product looks easy, and affordable, good durability, but not as good as cotton personal comfort. In addition, because polyester is not easy to stain, so much as a light cotton fabric, light colors, more suitable for spring and summer use. Usually higher than plain cotton twill density, so look dense and thick, shiny appearance, feel better than plain.

Silk look gorgeous, rich, soft and natural flicker effect, feel comfortable, high strength, elasticity and moisture better than cotton, but easy to dirt, heat resistance to strong sunlight worse than cotton. Its unique triangular cross-section fiber, the reflected light is changed partially absorbent, easy to form and difficult to remove stains, therefore, to pad the ironing silk fabric cloth.


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