Changing Your Broadband and Phone Deals

Changing your broadband and phone deal options is something many people will consider every now and then. There are various reasons as to why you would do this, and if you are thinking about it, there are also various things you should take into account. Aspects that should be considered are why you would be switching services, what steps should be taken, and what tips can be followed to ensure the switch is quick and effective.

The reasons you are switching your broadband and phone deals
One of the first factors to consider when changing your broadband and phone deals is the reason behind the move. As already stated, there are a plethora of reasons why people switch deals, and you need to be aware of these. It is recommended that you try settling affairs and working through any difficulties with your current provider before changing services. Below are some common difficulties individuals face which may prompt them to a change their broadband and phone deals:

1. Value for money – this is probably the most important and common reason why people change providers. Everyone wants to get the best service their money can buy. If you feel you are not getting your money’s worth it is recommended you check your provider’s broadband and phone deals, instead of immediately moving service providers. If there are more appropriate deals within the company, change to this. However, if there are not and they are not willing to negotiate, it may be time to look for a new service provider.

2. Connection speed – most people want high speed internet. One problem is that not everyone can receive these high speed connections. Firstly, you have to identify what speeds are available to you before you can even start thinking about what to purchase. If you are unable to get a speed higher than the one you already have, it is pointless to peruse deals offering speeds beyond your availability. If you are able to access high speed internet, then you should look at the deals your current provider has before looking elsewhere.

3. Broadband cap – many broadband deals come with a cap. This means the provider will control the amount of data you use each month by placing a limit on the quantity you are allowed to download. If you are the type of individual who uses a large amount of data, it may be recommended that you look at several deals that offer a greater limit, or have unlimited data usage. As always, look at your present provider first and if they are unable to offer the appropriate package then look at other service operators. Of course, if you do not use much of your data cap it may be worthwhile looking at a lower cap package than a higher cap one.

4. The phone – the majority of people will concentrate on the broadband aspect of a broadband and phone deal, however the phone aspect is just as important. You must pay attention to the phone features of the package as there may be additional costs which need to be addressed, particularly the line rental fee. It is recommended you peruse various deals as many have reduced line rental costs. Always look for the best package overall.

The procedure for switching packages
Once you have decided you will be switching your broadband and phone service providers, there are three steps which must be followed. These three steps will ensure you save time and energy, and experience a simple switch-over process.
1. Step one – the first step is figuring out what you want. This step involves looking at your deal and identifying what you are displeased with; is it the broadband or the phone service? Once you have decided, you will be able to inform your provider of your complaint and solve the problem. If your current provider is unable to assist you there are numerous service providers who are willing to work with you as a new customer.

2. Step two – the second step involves exploring different packages and deals. There are various ways to do this, the simplest being an online search of different providers’ websites. You should take your time and complete your research, as it is best to be well-informed when choosing deals. An advantage to shopping for deals online is that many deals are available to online customers alone.

3. Step three – step three involves sifting through your short list. Once you have your list of the best deals, you will have to determine which deal is offered in your area. Unfortunately, not all broadband and phone deals seen on the internet are offered in all areas. The infrastructure in your area may limit which packages are available to you, thus restricting you to only a certain number of providers and/or deals. It is very important to establish these conditions before committing to a provider, to avoid having to switch services a second time.

The added extras
While switching broadband and phone deals may seem a simple and rather trivial exercise, it can be laborious. There are numerous points which must be taken into account, and if you do not take time to research these factors you may spend more money than is necessary.

1. You must be certain you are not breaching any terms or conditions when you change deals. The majority of providers will bind you to a contract for a fixed amount of time, and if you leave within this period you will be liable for certain fees. The fees will usually relate to the number of months left on the contract; however there may be additional fees as well. You should also note whether or not the contract states a notice period. If you do not give notice within a certain time your current provider has the right to renew your contract automatically.

2. When you contact your provider to cancel your deal, they will persuade you to stay – or at least try to. The provider will usually offer new features to your deal. But do not falter. Be sure to stick with your decision.

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