California Gas Suppliers: Tiger Natural Gas and Southwest Gas

Tiger Natural Gas was founded in 1991 as both a woman and minority owned business. The company operates in California as well as seventeen other states, providing natural gas to over twenty five thousand customers. Tigers customers include private residences, retail chains, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, hotels and even government facilities at the city, state and federal levels.

Remember that as a California resident you do not have to purchase natural gas through your local utility company. Tiger Natural Gas supplies natural gas to customers spread across the state, offering competitive rates in Californias deregulated energy market. This means you can sign up for service with Tiger Natural Gas at any time, without experiencing any kind of disruption in your natural gas service, and enjoy the cost savings the company has to offer. Your local utility company still provides the delivery system or gas lines in the area that are used to transport the natural gas to your home or place of business. Your monthly bill will reflect a small fee for the use of the local utilitys infrastructure, but you will pay Tiger Natural Gas directly for your natural gas consumption. Metering your natural gas consumption will, however, fall under the responsibility of the local utility company, which passes the information on to Tiger.

As a company, Tiger Natural Gas prides itself in its customer service skills. It boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company offers services like a natural gas bill audit that helps organizations determine if the amount they are invoiced for natural gas expenses is accurate each month, potentially saving some organizations thousands of dollars in natural gas billing mistakes.

In the state of California, Tiger Natural Gas distributes gas to residential customers only through Pacific Gas & Electrics delivery infrastructure. Commercial and industrial customers in California can receive delivery of natural gas purchased from Tiger through several different distributors. These include the City of Long Beachs infrastructure, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas Company.

Tiger Natural Gas also has the ability to help organizations manage any risk associated with sudden increases in natural gas prices. Through its consulting services, organizations can reduce any effects natural gas market volatility would have. These organizations can cease to engage in speculative natural gas purchasing strategies and instead focus on budgeting for future costs. Customers can then forecast and plan for natural gas demands and expenses for years ahead of time, allowing for more strategic purchasing decisions.

Diversity is an area of focus for Tiger Natural Gas. As a company, it strives to employ a diverse workforce that can help understand and facilitate a large array of customers and their unique needs. Companies looking to participate in diversity programs can use Tiger Natural Gas for their energy needs, benefitting from Tigers competitive rates as well as the benefits of any diversity programs run by the government or private entities. In fact, the company has won several diversity awards in the past, including being currently ranked as the number three Native American owned business in the United States, the number fifteen women owned business in the United States and the number forty four diversity owned business in the United States.

Southwest Gas is one of the largest gas suppliers in Californias deregulated utilities market. The company was founded in 1931 in Barstow, California and survived the Great Depression by selling liquefied petroleum gas. The company expanded its operations into natural gas in 1951 when a large natural gas transmission line was built between San Francisco and Californias border with Arizona, allowing Southwest Gas to tap into the line and begin offering natural gas services in the area.

Throughout the years Southwest Gas has acquired several other natural gas suppliers in California, Arizona and Nevada. The company boasts almost two million customers located mostly in the Southwestern United States. Customers include private residences, commercial ventures and industrial facilities.

Customers can receive significantly reduced rates on their natural gas service through Southwest Gas innovative cost structure. Unlike the local utility companies, Southwest does not roll into the cost of its gas service overhead costs like bad debts, infrastructure maintenance and a large employee base to monitor customer usage. Because of its position in the deregulated marketplace, Southwest Gas operates with a leaner staff and fewer operating expenses, meaning it can pass more savings on to its customers.

As a company, Southwest Gas engages in quite a few efforts to help preserve the natural environment in the Southwest. In 2010 the company was honored with an Energy Star Leadership in Housing Award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. One of the reasons for the receipt of the award was for the companys innovative Smarter Greener Better campaign. The campaign is designed to build awareness among communities about government programs that help make businesses and households more energy efficient through the use of insulation, modern doors and windows and other technology.

Southwest Gas is a publicly held company, with its shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange. It not only provides natural gas to its customers but also provides electricity.

Whether you go with Southwest Gas, Tiger Natural Gas or any other gas supplier in that state of California, you will always receive your natural gas through the lines owned by your local utility company. Because of this, if you ever have an emergency situation involving your gas service, such as a natural gas leak inside or outside a building, you need to contact your local utility company for assistance. Some people fear that if they are a customer of an alternative natural gas supplier the local utility company will charge more for any assistance offered during an emergency situation. The fact is that such practices are not allowed by the California Public Utilities Commission or CPUC. The CPUC also guarantees that you will never have an interruption in natural gas service to your home or business, even if you natural gas supplier goes out of business.

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