Do Your Problems With Your Condensing Boiler Make You Lose Trust In The Technology?

Do you get the feeling that condensing boilers are basically bad technology? Many people complain bitterly on online forums about their experience with these boilers. Newspaper reports that support these views add to the resentment. In truth, though,

Getting the Most From Natural Gas in Your Home

Everyone wants to save money. If you heat your home with natural gas, then you’re already ahead in the savings game! According to the Canadian Gas Association, the yearly average cost of heating your home with natural gas is anywhere from 1600 to 300

Seven Benefits of Natural Gas

Canada’s climate, with its extremes of both heat and cold, requires a reliable and affordable source of energy. Heating our homes in the winter – and, in some regions, cooling them in the summer – is much more than a simple luxury. It’s a matter of s

UK Heating Allowance for Over 60s

Many people seriously dread turning older, so the arrival of their sixty-first birthday might not be good news as far as they are concerned. Despite this fact, there are some definite advantages to being part of the over sixties crowd. One of these b

Choosing the Right Solar Electricity Panels for Your Home

Each solar panel serves to convert solar radiation into electricity. However, they each have different price tags and characteristics that must be taken into account. Fortunately, to help make your selection easier, here are some tips on what you nee

How to Improve Your EPC Certificate Grade

An EPC certificate, or energy performance certificate, is a document that reflects the energy efficiency of a property. Whether its a residence or commercial space, the EPC lets a buyer or leaser know about how much it will cost to heat and light

A Good Utility Comparison Can Save You Hundreds

In recent months, thousands of energy consumers have noticed that their energy bills are steadily rising, though their energy consumption has remained the same. One study found that on average, households in the U.K. have experienced a 68% rise in

Oil Boilers Are Easy to Fix

Maintaining oil boilers is the key to assuring heat and hot water for a household. In fact, the workings of an oil burner are amazingly simple to understand. By focusing on certain elements that make up a boiler, a homeowner can be assured of years o

Compare Utilities to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, chances are that you’ve heard of “going green.” Going green is simply the process of reducing the amount of energy that you need to live. Many individuals

Top 3 Alternatives to Homecare 200

Youve seen the ads for Homecare 200 and think it might be a good idea to insure against hefty repair costs for your heating and boiler systems. However, youre not sure what the alternatives might be. You could just not get any plan. You could s