Blockchain Based eSports Platform for Non-App-Store Games

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Emoji Games, the market leader of HTML5 games is pleased to introduce “Pocket Arena”, the eSports blockchain gaming platform with a virtual in-game item exchange option. The HTML5 eSports games will be launched by the company in May 2018. The mission behind the project was to create a decentralized micro gaming platform. Players can now enjoy the non-app-store high quality eSports games in HTML5. These games can be played on laptops, desktops, mobiles or tablets on the HTML browser without the need for downloading any apps. This platform is for all those players who want to be free from the duopoly of Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Pocket Arena platform runs on the Blockchain technology which is digitized and decentralized. The platform records and maintains a database of all cryptocurrency transactions made by the players. The same database can be accessed by players to get their respective copies of blockchain. The currency used in Pocket Arena is POC or Crypto Pocket Arena Token. These tokens are circulated for use on the gaming platform and Pocket Arena dApps. Players can be assured of a safe and reliable in-game item trading. The PA wallet and the strong token features of POC will allow players to own their virtual assets and trade safely with a much smaller fee.

The eSports games are created for everyone who enjoys casual leagues as well as one-on-one challenges. The platform is not just entertaining but rewarding too as the players will be rewarded for playing games on the PA Platform. Players can also create their own ecosystem and boost their game community by inviting more game traffic. The official PA launch will be in May 2018 with 2 PA games being launched on HTML5. The PA wallet will be released in browser version; and the PA Token POC will also be up and running. The PA wallet will also host a virtual game item exchange place where players can trade, buy or sell their PA game items.

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Pocket Arena, is a project by Emoji Games GmbH that was initiated in 2012 by the employees, affiliates and contractors from across the world. Pocket Arena is an eSports Blockchain Platform with virtual in-game item exchange for non-app-store games.

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