31202Explore Amsterdam’s Culture: Focus on Festivals

Amsterdam is a friendly, vibrant and enlightening city, with endless sources of entertainment. Not only famous for its Red Light District or its affinity with the tulip, it’s also packed to the rafters with amazing cultural events, namely: festivals.
It is truly an incredible city, with countless hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Not only this, but its location and layout mean that Amsterdam airport transport is not only easy to find and book, but also very good at getting you straight into the hustle and bustle without wasting any of your valuable exploration time!

The Festival Scene

Renowned for hosting some of the biggest and most hotly-anticipated cultural festivals in the world, Amsterdam is the perfect place for a culture-loving adventurer with an eye for the exotic. This beautiful place plays host to some incredible art, music, theatre and dance festivals, all catering to an artiste’s refined palate.

Cultural Festivals

If culture is what you seek, then consider the 24H Zuid, where the south of Amsterdam opens all its doors to the public – with surprises aplenty! This is a dynamite opportunity to meet locals, explore another side of the city and try something new.

If that doesn’t float your boat, then how about In De Diamantfabriek festival where local students can showcase their art, spoken word, theatre, dance and much more? This is a brilliant display of local talent that is not to be missed.

Music Festivals

If music really gets your heart singing, then try the SOTU Festival, which focuses on alternative and independent music culture, so you’re sure to get a truly unique experience. Or if you’d rather float down a main stream, then you might want to attend Kingsland Festival, which is known as a ‘party’ that takes place at the RAI Amsterdam Conference and Event Centre. The festival is massive, and a fantastic opportunity to really let loose.

Dance Festivals

Want something more physical? Don’t we all! Well, dance is the answer. There are numerous dance festivals to choose from. Dance, get covered in paint, dance some more. The Holi Festival of Colours is a beautiful, freeing, religious festival given over to joy and paint! Don’t miss out. But if you really want something off the beaten track, then visit the Mystic Garden Festival, featuring bewitching and enchanting performances to the soundtrack of heavy DJ beats. It’s a different experience that few of your friends will have tried.

How to Get There

The city’s festivals are very spread out, and therefore it is key to pick the right Amsterdam airport transport option. We would recommend a short and easy flight into Amsterdam airport. Transport options from there range from cars to the famous Dutch bicycle to simply walking your way around the city. A pre-booked car is highly recommended for the traveller who wishes to get stuck into the city as soon and as easily as possible.

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