BlazeMaster® Launch CPVC Fire Sprinkler Brand in UK and Europe

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With 30 years of experience in the fire protection industry and a well-established brand in the USA, Lubrizol Corporation has launched their specified non-metallic fire sprinklers for the UK and European markets.

BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems are created using a specialty thermoplastic named chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), which was first commercialised for use in fire sprinkler systems by Lubrizol.

This thermoplastic can take on considerable temperatures to protect property and save lives. Instead of melting, the piping forms a charred layer on the outside of the pipe, which functions as a barrier that reduces heat conduction.

With fire safety a growing discussion of paramount importance in the UK and Europe, specifiers and installers are looking for systems that are both long-lasting and reliable.

Free guidance for CPVC fire Sprinklers

BlazeMaster brand has launched a free guide to help specifiers and installers understand the benefits of CPVC compared to traditional fire sprinkler systems, including:

– How to save time and money with CPVC
– The history of CPVC over 30 years of R&D
– The best projects to use CPVC on
– UK certifications and approvals

The BlazeMaster Fire Protection team

Speaking on the launch of the guide, Will Robinson, BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems’ Market Development Manager – UK and Europe, said: “While steel has been traditionally used for fire sprinkler systems, it isn’t always the best option. CPVC has been proven to not only reduce installation costs and time, but also outperform steel in environmental and corrosion experiments too.”

“This guide has been created to give the UK and European fire protection market the facts on CPVC fire sprinkler systems, and how they can provide benefits to building owners, specifiers, installers and end-users.”

To get an insight into the launch of these specialised fire sprinkler systems, download the free guide today

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