Barbie: The love Since Childhood

Little girls love Barbie! Since the late 1950s girls everywhere have enjoyed the Barbie doll created by co founder of Mattel, Ruth Handler. The doll was thoughtfully named after her daughter Barbara, same goes for the Ken doll, for her son. At its introduction as a teenage fashion doll during the American Toy Fair in New York City, she became a hit toy soon thereafter. Barbies full name was Barbie Millicent Roberts, from Willows, Wisconsin. She was a fashion model and had all the looks a model desired. Blonde, tall and good looking! Though she was originally a fashion model she became to have over 125 different careers including a military woman.

Barbie is a hit with young girls because she is a role model. She has the job she has always wanted, can be anything she wants to be and has no problem meeting the ‘perfect man. Girls can play make believe for hours using their fashion Barbie dolls and never get bored. For example, the dolls major function is that it can be dressed and redressed in to any outfit a young girl (or boy) desires. As of right now over a whopping 70 fashion designers have even made clothes specifically designed for Mattel and Barbie using over 100 million yards of fabric! Thats a lot of fabric, and a lot of Barbie clothes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what Barbie can wear.

With its rise in popularity and cost, developers have moved towards giving children the opportunity to play with their Barbie online. Little girls love to play Barbie dress up games when they are at home, or now on the computer. These games can be fun and also entertaining for hours. The truth is, not everyone can afford a Barbie doll, the Barbie mansion, the Barbie car, and all the different Barbie clothes. So, with the rise in technology now children can love and play their Barbie dress up games anytime.

Mattel currently offers quite a few exciting and fun Barbie dress up games to choose from. “Barbie Fashion Fun” is an online game where children can drag the fashion accessories or apparel and place them where they would like them to be. Using the simple arrows girls can go through a wide variety of outfits and styles to choose from. Not only can the girls have fun with this, but they can print out their results and hang them up at home.

Another fun and exciting game that children can play is the Glitter Fashion Barbie dress up game. Children simply mix and match pieces of their favorite clothing choices, trace the outline with their mouse, pick their favorite colors then customize however they wish. They can again print out their fun and stylish design to share with the world.

That is all it comes down to; little girls love to play dress up and make believe. A Barbie is a considerable outlet that allows girls to explore their fashion sense and give themselves something to do. Its a great way to allow cognitive development and create an imaginative world that they can get lost in. After all, the key to being a child is being able to use that imagination and play. With the Barbie doll and Barbie dress up games available online and on gaming systems, children can be entertained for hours and have fun.

The creation of this new Barbie dress up games site by the Author is dedicated to our children of today. Enjoy!

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