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Tom and Jerry have been on the television in households for many years. Today’s children, as well as the 20 to 30 year olds who were once children, enjoy the reruns shown on television. Tom and Jerry is your classic, cat and mouse story, that can be humorous for everyone to enjoy-whether they are young or old. While Tom and Jerry were favored by many years ago, they still bring fun and laughter to today’s generation. Several online flash games are now available for Internet users to play so that they can still capture the magic of this classic cat and mouse duo.


Short cartoons of Tom and Jerry were first produced , written and directed at the cartoon studios at MGM from 1940 to 1957. Then, the cartoon reappeared again in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The Tom and Jerry movie was also released in 1992 as well as a theatrical short in 2005. Because of their popularity with so many generations, the favored characters still remain a household name.

Flash games

Some of types of Tom and Jerry games that are available in flash include escape games, educational, bowling and several coloring page games. The online Tom and Jerry Math game allows children to add up a sum of numbers and then click the ball that has the right answers. Tom the cat is running after the Jerry the mouse as addition problems are given. When the player chooses the right answer, Jerry jumps over the balls, but if a wrong answer is chosen, he will fumble, slowing down his run from Tom.

Tom and Jerry Bowling and the Trap-O-Matic

The Tom and Jerry bowling game features a small bowling lane set up in their house. Jerry stands to the side while you roll the ball to hit the pins. It is a fun and simple game for any age to play. If you want to join in the fun in trying to catch Jerry, you can team up with Tom in the Trap-O-Matic and work out a plan to get the mouse. If you enjoyed watching the cartoon, then it will be just as much fun watching Tom use your plan to catch Jerry.

Tom and Jerry PC Game

A Tom and Jerry PC game is also available for download that share some of the same actics that you watch on the cartoon. It brings the classic cartoon to life by offering it in 3D and offers a one or two player game. There are eight different characters to choose from when you play as well. If you were or still a fan of the treasured cartoon, this is a great way to bring it to life on the comfort of your computer screen.


Since Tom and Jerry has remained a popular household name and favored cartoon, it makes an ideal game choice for everyone to play. For hundreds of years, adults and children have always had a fascination with the simple story of the cat and mouse hunt game. The classic plot stays with us as we grow into adults, but it’s the story that always carries us back to our childhood days.

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