Applying Cache In Data Modeling

Intersystems Cache is a database technology that enables high performance and multidimensional data access. Through Cache, rapid programming and scalability is made possible. However, Intersystems Cache is more than just a databases technology; the software comes with a server that employs superior programming capabilities meaning it can be easily integrated with numerous technologies and at the same time, it provides a high performance runtime environment. The scripting languages used in this software include Cache Objectscript which is a powerful but easy to use programming language; Cache basic, and Cache MVBasic, a variation of Cache Basic applied in MultiValue applications. Languages such as C++, C# and JAVA can also be applied.

In addition, Cache incorporates a high performance environment that facilitates developing of complex web applications.CSP(Cache Server Pages)technology enables swift development of dynamic web pages, thus, different web users can access the databases applications with ease regardless of the hardware they use. For non-browser based applications, the user interface is generally programmed using technologies like NET, Java, Delphi, C and C++.However, for fast programming, great performance and low maintenance, the development has to be done within Cache. In addition, Cache provides high interoperability levels when used with other development tools and technologies.

Designing Applications

The most important thing to do when dealing with Intersystems Cache jobs that involve designing applications is to single out a suitable data modeling approach. In most instances, this choice is made between traditional data modeling methods and the modern object modeling approach. Due to the need to deal with complex data, Intersystems Cache jobs often involve modeling with objects since this is often viewed as a more efficient approach. There are a number of ways through which an existing data model can be imported to Cache to obtain a standard definition and once the process has been carried out, data can be accessed as relational tables, objects and even multidimensional arrays.

Cache supports the use of both object data access and SQL, and there are times when each of these may be appropriate. There is however a good reason why most developers opt to model with objects. With SQL, a consistent language can be used since SQL views data in a simple and standardized manner which is typically a table with rows and columns. Though, in the current setting, data cannot naturally fit into these rows and columns; a lot of complexities are involved, meaning this can be difficult to deal with where SQL is applied. This is especially the case where SQL is used in relational databases. Nevertheless, the usage of SQL doesn’t have to be constrained by such databases.

Cache supports the use of SQL in Intersystems Cache jobs, only that in this case, a more powerful and multidimensional database is applied. Cache uses object programming which was essentially designed to simulate brain activity. Just like the brain is able to process and store complex data, the system was created to facilitate better handling of different programs while still managing their complexities.

Simply put, object technology such as that applied in Intersystems Cache jobs enables developers to work in a way that mimics human thinking, and this serves as a great advantage.

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