Android TV for Toronto

After spending the day on the cell phone and using a computer sitting down to watch TV can seem almost disappointing. The options found on a smart phone and on the computer are missing. This isn’t true however for Pivos Xios customers. They have more options, and a better entertainment experience through the use of Android TV.

The combination makes sense if you spend time on the couch alternately looking at the computer or cell and the television. You might be looking at a schedule, or using an app to find the best options. At times you might be searching for the name of a entertainer you are watching and want to know more about this actor or actress. Sports fans might want to see scores and at the same time see a favorite show. Xios acts as a bridge between the options you find online or on your cell and on the TV screen.

Using XIOS DS Media Play you can access a wider range of options from Internet descriptions to thousands of mobile apps without having to bob back and forth between two different screens. This is also much easier on a family as everyone can enjoy the same options at the same time. This system has a rich user interface with a widgets, and an animated background. Using XIOS DS Media Play this interface will offer access to your favorite apps.

With Android TV through the XIOS DS Media Play you can enjoy streaming your favorite videos and sharing them with your family on a large screen. You can watch online description like movies, or shared video from online sites.

Customers have also found there’s no need to use an unfamiliar screen as your TV will be able to use the latest web browser, Adobe Flash, Chrome, and Java.

The time loading description on the Android TV for Pivos Xios customers is much the same as for the computer or better through the use of a built in Ethernet connection with 802.1 1b/g/n Wi-Fi high speed USB ports and a MicroSDHC card reader. This reader can expand to 32GB of storage.

Along with a wireless remote it’s possible to use a wire/wireless keyboard, a webcam, digital cameras, and a mouse. With these extras watching television is no longer a passive experience without the power of choice. Games, apps, as well as streaming video can all equal hours of extra entertainment.

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