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With the rising prices of traditional cable and the increase in high speed internet access, lots of people are “pulling the plug” on their cable television subscription. With the ultra slim, ultra fast android TV box for Toronto area users, it’s now possible to have access to the premium internet TV experience you’ve been dreaming of. The XIOS box is powered by android software, meaning it’s practical, easy to learn and use, and safe to stream all of your favorite internet description straight to your television set.

Linking your favorite online and digital entertainment options with the convenience of your home TV, XIOS DS Media Play is the perfect marriage of old and new ways to bring entertainment into your home. Watch your favorite television shows and movies as they stream to your TV at blazing fast speeds. Plus, the ultra slim design of the box means it can easily fit in to your pre-existing entertainment system set up.

More than just a box for streaming entertainment, the XIOS DS Media Play brings the convenience and power of an android phone to the massive scale of your home television. Download your favorite apps and access them through your TV. Give your TV a powerful new HTML 5 web browser. The XIOS box comes pre-loaded with all of the basic apps you’ll need to get online, stream videos and shows, and even create and share files with your friends and family.

Built on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich platform, the android TV box Toronto to the browser Chrome as well as Flash. The XIOS delivers a unmatched digital experience for your home in full 1080p high definition. It’s easy to add popular apps for e-mail, movies, games, music nd more. It’s so easy to customize the organization of your media files and access everything you’re looking for in the blink of an eye, movies stream seamlessly.

With the power of the android TV box for Toronto area residents, it’s easy to bring the power of digital entertainment into the comfort of your living room. Compact in design and easy to install to your television, the XIOS DS Media Play box is the best way to use the power of android to fuel your need for media streaming. Including the player, remote, and HDMI cable straight out of the box, it’s quick and easy to get started with your android-powered digital entertainment right away.

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