America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc: Connecting the Resources of the US and China

China Economic Net On September 29, the America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc. signed a strategic alliance agreement with China Common People Holding Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou, Richope Co., Ltd. in Nansha, Guangzhou, reaching a cooperative intention in the areas of warehousing, logistics, cross-border e-commerce in terms of promoting the settling of commodity distribution center of the US 50 States in Nansha.

China’s total imports will reach US$ 8 trillion in the next five years.
In this context, America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc proposed to settle the Commodity Distribution Center of the US 50 States in Nansha and actively promoted the implementation of the project.

Li Qiang, the Chairman of the Board of the America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc. pointed out that the project is to respond to the call of the 2017 Guangdong Business Conference to enhance the construction of an open economy in Guangdong, actively promote foreign investment and play the role of overseas Guangdong business. The Chamber of Commerce would actively promote the settling of distribution center 50 states in Nansha.

Nansha is conducive to international commodity distribution, starting from the cross-border electricity business.
Cao Shenghua, Secretary-General of America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc, believes that Nansha, as China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, is conducive to regional enterprises to carry out international and domestic trade, forming mutual promotion mechanism between domestic and foreign trade, highlighting the advantages of its airports, ports, water ports and first-class ports as well as a huge third-party market docking, combined with the advantages of Central European Railway Distribution Center (Chongqing, Chengdu).

According to his ideas, after the settling of the US 50 states commodity distribution center, it will start from the cross-border e-commerce to set up an e-commerce platform that allows American small and medium enterprises to interact with Chinese consumers under the help of national big data center, at the same time, to connect with the US market and resources from the neighborhood of Chinese communities in America. The Chamber hopes to expand the all-round exchange and cooperation of the third-party market countries, including the 50 states of the US, to implement a right “the belt and road initiative” which mixes PPP international win-win cooperation.

The America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc was established in April 2015, headquartered in New York, the United States, aiming at promoting the economic cooperation of Chinese communities in the countries along “the belt and road initiative”. Promoted by the Chamber of Commerce and the local government, the Chinese commodity distribution center has settled in Elizabeth port free trade area in Newark, the United States successfully. (Zou Xilan, Wu Suwen)

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