7322Handcrafted jewellery designs will make you fall in love with them.

In the world of beautiful jewellery designs you will find that handcrafted jewellery is held in high esteem. This is because these pieces have been made by the designer to a high quality and in unique and original designs.

A handcrafted jewellery designer will have the inspiration for an unusual design and they will create this from metals and beads in many different materials. The passion of the designer for the materials he uses and his creativity and skills will give use unique and original designs that we will fall in love with and these pieces are so much more special than the pieces of mass produced jewellery that we see in the large shops and department stores.

It was not long ago when we thought of handcrafted jewellery being something that was quite crude and in design and manufacture and the very words handcrafted jewellery would make you think of the pieces you would see being sold at the village show but this is not so today. These are now very talented artisans that bring use stunning designs crafted to the highest quality and made with the finest of materials.

Each of these artisans will have their favourite materials that they work with. It could be the traditional materials like precious metals and semi-precious beads and pendants but just because these are traditional materials it does not mean that they are used in traditional designs. Funky earring designs can be crafted from silver and Black Onyx, fashionable bracelets can be created from platinum and gemstones and you will see modern and contemporary necklace designs made from gold and Tigers Eye. The limitations on these pieces of stunning and unique handcrafted jewellery designs are only set with the imagination of the designer.

Along with the traditional materials of precious metals and gemstone you will find other materials that designer will use to make their unusual creations. Wood is one of these materials and this can be used to create earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. The design can be as simple as a piece of polished and turned wood that is worn on a leather thong as a pendant this will not just be an ordinary piece of wood the designer will have chosen it for its beautiful natural markings and a piece like this will look good when worn with neutral colours. The handcrafted jewellery could be a pair of earrings handmade from pieces of carved wood or wooden beads that hang from silver ear wires. Necklaces can be in the form of pendants or they can be crafted from wooden beads. You will find stunning handmade bracelet designs that have been made by carving the bracelet from a solid piece of wood and others that have been made from wooden beads. I have seen some lovely designs where the jewellery designer has inlaid semi-precious stones into the wood and other bright and fun designs that have been handmade from brightly painted wooden beads.

Other materials that you will find these pieces of handcrafted jewellery from are beads that have been made from paper and these are becoming very popular and also beads that have been made from material and you will find many necklace designs that have combined twisted and plated fabrics with lovely handmade beads in glass and ceramic to create unique and original designs. Leather is also a popular material with which to craft jewellery and cuff bracelets are very on trend and many of the designs can be found handcrafted from leather, some of these will be only leather and some of these have painted and stencilled designs and others may have stones and glass beads used to create unique pieces we will fall in love with.

Gone are the days when jewellery handcrafted in unique designs from this store are thought of as being cheap and a low quality. Today we can find stunning designs that have been crafted to the highest standard and with quality materials. Jewellery handcrafted in the UK available from Jade Jewellery UK has many unique and original pieces to fall in love with. Unique earrings, unusual necklaces and UK designs bracelets at this website are all handmade.

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