Adam Collins Has Posted a Project on Kickstarter for the Relaunch of the Christmas Lights Card Game

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Moncton, Canada (December 30, 2017) – With every year pass by, Kickstarter brings Christmas festivities. Now, to help people celebrate the Christmas vacation with utmost joy and enjoyment in decorating their homes on this festive season, Adam Collins has relaunched his game Christmas Lights Card Game at Kickstarter. He has requested supporters to back this project with different rewards for those contributing more than $10.

This game comes with a set of cards. They are the bulb deck and the pattern deck. The former has six different plug lights, broken lights, and coloured lights, while the latter shows the pattern of lights a player must collect. To win the game, the player will have to complete three patterns to succeed in the game.

Each player deals with five cards and the players will have to hold their cards in such a way that their opponents can see them, but they cannot. There are three phases on the turn of each player. During the first turn, a player will have to trade one of his cards with an opponent. Once the player trades the cards, both gamers will get the chance to see the cards. They can do this before placing the cards in their hands in such a way that again all other gamers can get the chance to view the cards.

During the next phase of the game, the player can place a single card from his hand facing him. In case, it matches the pattern card it rests. Otherwise, it must be discarded. At the end, the player can place a card face up in the centre of the table and can draw a card from the deck of bulb cards to place beside it. He can select either card to place in his set or he can use them to trade with the other player in exchange for information about the cards in his hands. Finally, he draws a maximum of five cards and can play passes to the player to his left.

As the year comes to an end, Adam Collins offers this exciting game. One of the reviewers of the game says “A sure-fire favourite for the holiday season”.

The backers of this project will get attractive rewards. To pledge without a reward backers can contribute CA $10. For those pledging CA $10 or more, they will get the chance to sign the card that will ship with every box. Similarly, there are rewards that differ on the basis of contribution.

About Adam Collins:
Adam Collins is an amateur filmmaker and also a self-published author. He is the producer of the Humble Approach Collective. He is constantly working on new ideas for games, books, and films.

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For the Christmas season to make the vacation more enjoyable with the family, Adam Collins has relaunched the Christmas Lights Card Game at Kickstarter requesting backers to support the project.

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