A Few Tips Regarding Healthy Cake Recipes

When it comes to healthy cake recipes, a lot of times, we find that we kind of miss certain clues that help us to quickly and easily get the healthy, delicious cake that we want to replace the not so healthy cake recipes. Here are a few things that you can cut out in order to decrease the fat and sugar, but keep the delicious yumminess that cake is meant to have:


There are plenty of healthy cake recipes that have alternatives to butter. Let’s face it—what is butter? Nothing but yucky, fresh from the cow (or lab) fat and oil. And, of course, where does that go to? That’s right—your butt. Unfortunately, cakes are filled with fat because it helps to keep it moist. However, there is a way around that. Just check into the things that you can substitute.


Eggs have a pretty bad reputation as well and have absolutely no place in healthy cake recipes. There are quite a few different different alternatives to eggs in recipes—including applesauce and even powdered eggs instead of regular eggs. The main thing that makes eggs bad for cake is their yolks—another thing to keep in mind as you bake healthy cake recipes.


Flour is another thing that needs to be kept in mind. You DO need flour, but for healthy cake recipes, you can change out the white flour for whole wheat flour or another healthy alternative. Just going half and half helps to make it that much more healthy for you. So, take the time to check into that and other alternatives that might help you out.


Chocolate is another big problem too. When making healthy cake recipes, check into healthier types of chocolate, such as dark chocolate or fat-free or lessened fat chocolate. This is really important when it comes to healthy cake recipes that require chocolate.

These are just a few of the thing that you can switch out that will make your life that much easier. Let’s face it—when it comes to healthy cake recipes, we know that there are certain things that we can switch out. The best way to do that is to check into a great number of different substitutes that you can use. This includes healthy cake recipe substitutes that encompass sugar, flour, chocolate, eggs, fats, oils, and pretty much ANYTHING in a healthy cake recipe.

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