Your Guide To Packing For A Horse-back Safari

When out on the trails, high on the back of your mighty steed, there can be few else taking up the space in your mind. The great expanse, the elevated view, the sounds and smells of the wilderness swirling around you, all good things to come- however, in anticipation of your great equestrian escape. Ker and Downey an African Travel company offer some advice before heading out, a few tips on what to take and how to take it, ensuring your adventure is as good as it gets.

LUGGAGE- It is important to remember that on these sorts of safaris luggage is always a factor. Depending on which trip you decide to take, a selection of options are available. From being flown to each accommodation, to being driven alongside the caravan, luggage is dealt with abruptly as to ensure your comfort and ease on the road.

HAT, SUNGLASSES & SUN PROTECTION LOTION- As always on safari, it is suggested that guests always carry a wide brim hat with a strap, sunglasses as well as sun protection lotion. The African sun can be brutal at certain times of the year so remember prevention is better than cure.

CLOTHES- A selection of warm weather and cold weather clothes is always a good idea. Long pants are advisable, especially during the summer months. Riding equipment is usually provided as to further ease the guest out of hassle or stress, allowing for a perfectly comfortable experience. A range of clothing is advised, depending on the time of year, as in some areas the night temperature can drop quite low.

GADGETS AND ADDITIONS – Other suggested items would also include insect repellant, a torch, binoculars and if possible, a camera. A map and compass could be used for informative purposes; however they are not needed apart from interest value.

With your pack ready to go, it’s off into the wilds of Africa. Lead by an experienced guide, guests now take to the trot as the doors to Africa open before them. Learn to navigate and contemplate the wilderness, and expansive night sky, as you learn this continent from the ground up.Our Purpose is to illuminate the wonder and diversity of the African continent, to stimulate the imagination of those who travel here and for Africa to inspire, the way it inspires us. Let Ker and Downey Africa tailor make your luxury African travel itinerary for a once in a life time experience. This article is copyright protected.



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