Jewelry making wire is incredibly versatile when it comes to making all sorts of adornments. Part of its versatility comes from the large number of techniques and uses that are available for the wire. Whether you are just starting out making jewelry or have been doing it for years, these are some great ways to start to learn to use jewelry wire or simply solidify your methods. Here are some of the ways that you can use this wire to make jewelry.

Wire Wrapping
Wire wrapping techniques are one of the easiest ways to use jewelry making wire and therefore they are usually one of the first things that a beginner will learn. The great thing about using wire wrapping to create your jewelry is that it is great for all skill levels. Beginners can try to learn a few techniques and stick to those while experts can choose to learn all the techniques available or even combine them in new and creative ways.

Get Creative
Once you have mastered wire wrapping you can start to get creative. You can work on combining the different wire wrapping techniques or simply create your own. Once you have a basic understanding of the techniques involved, it is much easier to adapt them to your own needs and uses. This creativity can allow you to use jewelry making wire in ways you never would have considered before, such as making clasps, chain links, kidney wires or eye pins. Once you let your creativity flow, you can truly making anything with jewelry wire.

Use Memory Wire
Although it is a bit more difficult to use, memory wire can be a great way to get some unique pieces. One thing to remember if you plan on expanding your methods to include memory wire is that you will need to use separate cutting tools for this type of wire. Although this using memory wire can be more challenging at first, it becomes easy once you get the hang of it. This is also a great material to use when making bracelets or chokers.

Use A Wire Jig
If you want to use your jewelry making wire but are afraid that it will be too challenging to do, you can purchase a wire jig. These are amazing tools as they are usually fairly inexpensive and simple to use. Despite the ease of use, anything you make on them will look incredibly professional. That is because the jig is very versatile allowing you to create twirls, spirals, swirls and loops of all kinds, making it great for any type of jewelry making.

Do A “Birds Nest”
One of the most popular uses for jewelry making wire at the moment is to create pieces in the “birds nest” style. This style is surprisingly simple to create but the finished product, whether it is a pendant or another type of piece, will look amazing. The great thing about this use of jewelry wire is that like the others, it leaves a lot of room for creativity.

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