5 Types Of Projects For Jewelry Wire

If you are a fan of making jewelry, you will already know that there are infinite possibilities in terms of materials you can use. One of the most versatile, however, is jewelry wire. This wire allows you to make a wide range of pieces, both by itself and with additions such as beads. It also comes in different varieties which increases its versatility. Here are some of the types of projects you can do using this type of wire.

Wire Weaving
Wire weaving is one of the easiest and most straightforward types of projects for jewelry wire. This is simply an update of the ancient craft of weaving but using wire instead of yarn or other similar items. This is a great way to add a bit of texture to a project and it can be either used by itself or in combination with another type of project depending on your preference. Although the basic technique is simple, there is also plenty of opportunity to get creative and weave in interesting patterns.

Wire Crochet
Like wire weaving, wire crochet is similar to a craft done with yarn but instead uses jewelry wire. In this case, the technique is similar to that of crocheting. The great thing about this type of project is that they are very easy to learn how to do and are great at creating beautiful and delicate jewelry. The finished products usually look much more difficult than they actually are. If you want, you can also crochet beads into the wire to make your item more unique.

Spool Knitting
This is yet another type of project you can make with jewelry wire that is based on yarn crafts. If you remember weaving using pegs as a child (where the final product was a long tube), then you will be able to do this. It is the same technique but instead of using yarn, you use wire. The great thing about this type of project is that you can make it very simple by using all of the pegs or more complicated if you choose to skip a few.

Viking Weaving
As the name suggests, Viking weaving is a jewelry making technique that dates back to the Vikings. Although it had briefly fallen out of popularity, it is becoming more common again. This is a type of wire weaving that creates a strong and beautiful chain. It is also known as trichinopoly and can be used to create either basic or intricate works from jewelry wire. The technique itself is simple but it is difficult to master this type of project.

Wire Wrapping
The final type of project you can do with wire specifically designed for jewelry is very versatile and simple as long as you have certain tools. Although the technique is fairly simple, like Viking weaving, it can take time to master it completely. It usually involves several different techniques such as shaping, scrolling, flattening, crimping, wrapping and twisting the wire and the results can be almost any type of jewelry.

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