4 Ways To Change Your Appearance That Isnt Permanent

Whether you are going undercover, want to spice your life up a little bit, or something else, you need to make sure that you know ways to change your appearance that isnt permanent. That means that there are a few things that you can do and some great options that are out there. Here are 4 great ways to change your appearance that wont be permanent.

Wear a Wig

A really easy way to change your appearance that is not permanent is a wig. Wearing a wig can be a lot of fun. Find one that fits you well, make a good choice, and try it out to see what it looks like. If you always wanted to be a blonde, you can be a blonde this way and see just what is going to be what you want. This is something that is fun and that is a great idea.

Dye Your Hair

You can also dye your hair if you want to have a change in your appearance that isnt permanent. There are dyes that are semi-permanent and that will wash out, there are sprays that can be used to change the color and you can have a lot of fun with this. Be sure that you are looking into dying your hair and having a way to change that isnt permanent.

Dress Differently

If you are a person that dresses one way, you are going to want to look into dressing differently and that will give you a way to change your appearance without doing anything that is majorly altered or permanent. This could be wearing dresses if you dont or wearing pants if you wear dresses. All of this will really help you change your appearance and is fun because you will get to go out and go look for new clothes that are really going to be a fun thing for you.

Cut Your Hair and Style it Differently

A drastic hair cut isnt permanent, it will always grow back. So, if you want to alter your appearance, this is a great idea. You can do a great cut that you style differently and people wont even recognize that it is you. This is a smart thing to do and will really give you that different look that you want to have. Be sure to look into a haircut, it will always grow back.

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