4 Things You Must Do to Your Home before Winter Hits

With winter approaching, you need to make sure that you are getting your home ready. There are a few different tasks that you need to complete. You want to make sure that roofs and gutters look good, you need to check your doors, you want to make sure your heating system works great. Here are a few tips of what you need to do before the winter.

Inspect Your Roof

A good professional inspection of your roof can catch roof damage before it gets back. This inspection will also give you insight as to the attic ventilation and if that is in good shape. You want to make sure that your attic vents arent building up ice dams. It is about $200-$300 dollars to do this, and the investment is definitely well worth it.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are probably one of the most forgotten tasks that people need to deal with on their homes before winter. You dont want to forget to clean your cutters. With a proper cleaning, you want to get the leaves out of the channel so that they are going to be empty, then you need to flush all of the downspouts with water so that you know that there are no clogs. While you are doing that, check for any deterioration or replacement that you need for your gutters.

Insulate and Seal Your Windows

If you dont have double-pane windows, you need to get them. Heating costs can be high in the winter, but you can drastically lower them by working with some home improvements that are out there. You can get replacement windows, or if they arent in the budget, look into getting thick plastic covers or blankets that can help you until you can afford them. Make sure, no matter how many panes that you have that your seals look good, or you may need to reseal them.

Seal and Inspect Doors

Dont forget about your doors as a homeowner. You want to look at your entry doors to make sure that there arent air leaks. You want to make sure that you are sealing any areas with weather stripping. You also want to be sure that your garage door is sealed properly. This is not only for insulation and heating purposes, but also for the security of your home. These are all important things to take a look at.

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