Windows – A Top Ten Mobile Phones Competitor

Although Android and Apple are currently dominating the smart phone market, Windows is making a comeback with recent devices (some made by Nokia). Creating diversity in the market is a crucial tool we must embrace in order for our options as consumers to improve. When there are more choices for purchase then we are able to have more freedom as we shop for new products and services. Although Windows is relatively new to the mobile phone world they have begun expanding their app database so that they may be more equipped to compete with the other developers making top ten mobile phones. The following is a list of some of the top 20 mobile phone apps for windows devices, a short list to help guide you through the (relatively) new Windows application market.

Music Streaming Dream Machine
Spotify has quickly risen as one of the best ways to listen to music, and now that a mobile version is available it will be far more accessible while you’re on the go. The app can only be used with a subscription to Spotify premium, however if you’re always streaming music it will be more than worth your money. Windows is running basically the same app as Android and Apple, however you do have the capability to pin playlists to your Windows home screen so you’re only one screen press away from your music.

Nokia Drive
When searching for one of the top ten mobile phones be sure to check out the Nokia Lumia for the Nokia Drive app. Much like Google Maps, Nokia Drive is a basic navigation tool that can give turn by turn navigation and show buildings in 2D as well as 3D. One thoughtful feature is the ability to tone down the screen brightness when navigating at night, which makes driving much easier on the eyes. If you’re a Windows phone user and you need a navigation app, this is the one for you.

Get Me to the Church on Time
If you’re not a fan of driving through town, then Next Bus UK is the app for you. This app is exclusive to the Windows platform and gathers information from over 370,000 (and counting) bus stops across England, Wales and Scotland. If you’d like to find bus stops in your area using Google Maps or Bing you can save your favorite stops for easy access.
Not for the Casual Gamer

Most mobile phone games are simple to start and stop while you’re waiting for the tube or killing time between classes, however Fusion Sentient takes mobile games to the next level. Using Zoids-style robot combat, Fusion Sentient is anything but a casual mobile phone game. This app requires you to log hours in order to access various levels, and the nostalgic graphics will cheer anyone’s day.

Video Game Nostalgia
If you’re feeling nostalgic for the video games of old, then the stripped down Kung Fu Fight app is the game for you. With a simplistic interface and low resolution animation, Kung Fu Fight reclaims Bruce Lee’s legendary Kung Fu moves. Get ready to give your fingers a work out.

Everyone Needs a Remote
You always have your mobile on you, but where did you put the remote? Now there’s Cool Remote, an app that turns your mobile phone into a remote to control your computer. If you’re a fan of streaming videos then you might have endured the hassle of jumping across the room to get to your PC, but Cool Remote keeps your bum in the seat and allows you hassle-free access to your computer. The trick is that you must be running a wireless connection for the app to work, however chances are you’re running wireless already if you’re reading this article.

No More Check-Ins
As a frequent flyer you undoubtedly tire of waiting in extensive check in lines prior to your flight. Fortunately the British Airways app allows you to speed up check-ins, track your departure and arrival times as well as pin your boarding pass to the start screen. If you don’t often fly British Airways this app won’t be as useful, however chances are that many airlines will adopt the practice of a mobile app, especially since British Airways has made a fine prototype.

A Puzzler
If you’re a fan of games that challenge the mind then ilomilo is the app for you. A cutesy puzzle, the premise is that two friends named iLo and Milo want to be reunited – and you’re just the one to help! At the start of each level they’re separated by various blocks, and your goal is to move the blocks so that they can be reunited. Fans of more violent, action-packed games may not find the app’s style and premise as invigorating, but it’s a precious game for someone looking for a bit more of a mental challenge.

Don’t be fooled by the beginner level graphic design on this game – Penguin can be just as addicting as the next mobile game. The premise is simple; navigate the penguin over the slippery snow slopes so that he can eat as many fish as possible. Some days it’s the simplistic beauty of something that makes it so alluring.

Evernote has long been popular with Android and Apple users, and now it is finally available on the Windows platform. Don’t despair Windows users – it was worth the wait. This Evernote interface is cleaner and more modern than its counterparts in the Android and iPhone apps. Using Evernote lets you record notes on your phone and access them from your PC (if needed). Additionally, there is now a map function that can help you remember where you were when you saved a note.

There you go Windows users, your top ten mobile apps. Undoubtedly the Windows app store will grow with each passing day, but until then feel free to reunite iLo and Milo by testing your puzzle skills.

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