Win Paws Down! Husky Sledding in Courmayeur

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This charming village on the Italian side of the base of Mont Blanc offers perfect ski options for families with older children who like a bit of a challenge, and something a bit more interesting, than just your average ski holiday. While there is a wide range of fantastic off-piste experiences and extra activities, one of the enduring favourites among the younger crowd is husky sledding.

Husking Sledding Through the Aosta Valley

You can give the kids a memory they will never forget by taking them dog sledding through the beautiful, unspoilt nature of the Valle d’Aosta. All the family can admire the looming splendour of the Mont Blanc mountain while a pack of beautiful, well-trained husky dogs pull you at an exhilerating pace over the freshly fallen snow.

Dog sledding has been possible in Courmayeur since 1996 and several experienced companies with skilled instructors and fantastic dogs and equipment offer this exciting family-friendly and fun-filled activity. Shop around for the best fit for you and your family, and we bet you’ll want to keep coming back for more fluffy adrenaline-fuelled fun!

Dating back to a time when the only transportation for the local residents was the dog-pulled sled, dog sledding has become an exciting sport for anybody who has access to the potent combination of snow, trained dogs and a good sled. Mushers (conductors) will show you the reigns and then you will be able to zip along in the winter sun in no time!

What to Expect

You will be given some simple theory and basic instructions by your guide and experienced instructor. After the all-important safety briefing, you’ll be free to try your hand at the sport yourself, personally leading your own husky-pulled sled. Typically a guide will lead and the adults in the group will follow, each on their own sleds. Children above the age of 9 can also drive alone, something that’s bound to give them immense satisfaction and great material for boasting when they get back to the school playground.

What to Wear

Excursions can go ahead in all weather conditions, so it is recommended that you wear waterproofs, decent waterproof hiking boots, winter clothing, gloves, hats and goggles. Don’t forget a high SPF sun cream and lip-balm too – or your camera!

How to Get There

There are several daily flights from the UK to Geneva airport, and with budget options galore and a flight time of only 90 minutes this is a great location for families. A transfer from Geneva to Courmayeur takes a further 90 minutes, barely enough time for the kids to start asking “are we there yet?”! Book your transfer from Geneva to Courmayeur with Shuttle Direct for a smooth and simple direct transfer. One of our experienced and friendly local drivers will be waiting for you at Arrivals, and if you plan to bring your own equipment let us know at the time of booking so that we can transport it to your final destination at no additional cost.

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