Hygiene is an essential ingredient in our life and more so within our bathrooms.

Neglecting to clean and making your bathroom un-hygienic can create many forms of harmful bacteria that can have some serious effects on your health. Ensuring you take proper steps in cleaning your bathroom thoroughly helps to protect the health of you and your family.

Although there are many varieties of different cleaning products available on the market it is always safer to purchase the higher quality cleaning equipment. They may be a little more expensive, but are well worth that little extra.

Cleaning the bathroom will require you to start with purchasing high quality cleaning equipment, since these will help you do a good job. The equipment will also assists to decrease possible potential hazards that may arise, and you will be better placed to handle any challenges that could arise in the future.

Start by thoroughly scrubbing the ceiling. Make sure that you use a multi-purpose cleaner for extra sparkle. If there is mildew or any damp areas on the ceiling, use non-chlorine based bleach that is environmentally friendly to get rid of dirt. Then when you start cleaning tiled walls, your main goal should be to eliminate grout. Check the walls thoroughly to make sure that they are in good shape; in case of any faults, consult a specialist for repair. Scrub the walls in a circular motion with a strong brush. If stained, use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water to bleach them. Ensure that your Ceramic tiles should be cleaned using non-abrasive tile cleaners. For a glossy shine, add a squeegee to your list of cleaning products. For porcelain enamel tubs, use non-abrasive cleansers. Be gentler on acrylics and fiberglass; do not use abrasives to clean them, as they are very harsh on them. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to the letter when cleaning air jet tubs and water jet tubs.

If you have any leaking faucets then ensure that you prioritise their repair, after which you should go ahead and clean the sink as usual.

If you have non-glazed tiled floor, then they have the ability to withstand scrubbing using abrasive cleansers. However, this is not the case for marbled floors. Be gentle on them and use non-abrasive and non-acidic cleansers.

When cleaning storage units, make sure that you remove everything that is inside. Clean the interiors thoroughly using a non-abrasive cleanser. Before putting back all items that were in the cabinets, get rid of all items that you no longer need. Such items include expired pharmaceuticals, crumby cosmetics and irrelevant toiletries.

Lastly wash your window and shower curtains regularly so that they do not accumulate dust, mildew and scum. If there is a build-up of scum, wipe them using non-chlorine and hydrogen peroxide cleaning solutions. When it comes to the windows clean them in the same way you would clean any of your household windows. A great way is to clean the glass with a vinegar solution and then wipe the windows with a dry towel to eliminate any smears.

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