Why Data Encryption Matters Now More Than Ever

We depend on encrypted data all the time without often thinking about it. We take it for granted that the information we send and receive electronically is private our online banking transactions, emails, social network passwords and more. These things are so common and everyday now that we rarely stop to consider how vulnerable sending our personal information through cyberspace leaves us. And considering the amazing volume of data being sent here and there, it is astonishing how rarely there is a problem. Thats because data is often encrypted to protect it.

Data encryption is a process of converting text into a code using a wide range of algorithms and mathematical calculations. These codes vary substantially in how difficult they are to decipher with some being relatively easy and some using a method called Data Encryption Standard, which has been deemed nearly impossible to break. No method of encrypting data is completely, totally, 100% impossible to decode, but of the methods used are secure enough to deter any attempts.

From Super Spy to Wi-Fi

It all sounds like something from a high tech spy movie, and it is true that government intelligence agencies around the world depend on encryption to protect sensitive information. People have used various codes to encrypt information throughout history, so it isnt really a new idea. What is new is the degree of sophistication demanded for todays technology and how widespread the need to secure information is.

While a generation or two ago, encryption was a skill used by spies, today it is a massive field with applications in the most mundane daily activities such as buying groceries or sending an email. The stakes may seem smaller, until you consider what would happen if your own personal data were compromised, fell into the wrong hands, leaving you vulnerable to all sorts of crimes. If your data were not secure, quite simply the money in your bank account would be at risk and anyone could access your personal messages to loved ones. And if you own a business, it could be just as devastating. Any information sent online, including via an internal network, could be picked up. Encryption technology is the foundation of our online safety and security. Without it, we couldnt take advantage of any of the modern time-savers we rely on every day.

Although it is commonplace now, taking data encryption for granted and just assuming everything is adequately protected can be a costly mistake, especially for a business. Anyone researching their options for online services such as remote, cloud-based data storage and back up or any kind of interactive website needs to ask potential service providers about the sort of data encryption they use.

It isn’t necessary to be an expert in this fairly complicated field or to get into a very detailed discussion. But it is important to ask potential service providers why they are confident that the encryption system they use is the best. For more information, please navigate to: Sepaton data encryption

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