What You Need To Know About SIP Trunking

Inflexible telephone networks are becoming a thing of the past and more businesses are turning to SIP trunking since it is the first step to a unified communication platform that offers improved productivity, reduced costs, centralization, and disaster recovery.

A survey done in 2012, near year’s end, surveyed 300 enterprises and found that 1/3 of them deployed SIP trunking with an average savings of 33% and reclaimed 23% of lost productivity than with their previous communication solutions.

More businesses are migrating to next generation Internet Protocol environments with wireless networks and wired networks and in why SIP trunking is surging. Aside from being a stepping stone to a full fledged unified communications platform. In addition to them wanting to increase efficiencies and cut costs. SIP trunks provide the virtual tools needed for this environment. And while IP networks use keeps increasing, SIP trunks will keep accelerating.

Understanding What SIP Trunking Is

Session Initiation Protocol, SIP, is the communications network protocol used to control the voice and fax call flows using VoIP, and is the effective way of transmitting it. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the way digitized voice signals are transmitted over computer networks rather than the public switch telephone networks.

In order to communicate through your internet protocol PBX to the outside the enterprise one needs a SIP trunk. It enables connections to traditional PSTN. Then VoIP and SIP may be considered your virtual ISDN lines that are more flexible and have a higher level of reliability. It’s necessary for an organization to have the following components, a SIP enabled PBX, a fast, reliable internet connection and a device that understands SIP.

Thus, a SIP trunking service is a solutions that organizations are realizing is needed in today’s business market.

Why Your Business Needs SIP Trunking

Since it delivers less expensive international calls, as well as, national calls with high quality voice along with unified infrastructure.
SIP trunking is an investment towards unified communications.
Investing in a SIP trunking provider gives ROI quickly. The service is simpler to configure, less expensive to operate, manage, design and even upgrade.
It’s an advancement in business communications.
Since SIP lines are the world wide web’s version of phone lines, there’s no need for additional telephone lines or hardware as your company continues to grow.

As SIP lines are the internet version of your physical telephone lines you do not need to buy additional phone lines or hardware as you grow, you simply require more bandwidth as and when it comes time to increase the number of users.

How To Acquire SIP Trunking

You can obtain SIP trunking through a reputable service provider. By combining fax, voice and data into a single network, you’re simplifying communications, reducing running costs, and simplifying management which can cut your phone bill in half or more.

An expert VoIP and SIP Trunking provider IP solutions company can make a difference in all areas of a business’s operations, from customer support and services to sale activities.

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