What to Wear at a Winter Boot Camp or Fitness Class in Scotland

An outdoor boot camp or fitness class in the winter months can be a great way of staying active and healthy whilst still getting some fresh air. In Edinburgh, the fitandhappy boot camps for women take place in all weathers – come rain or shine.

Most of our members love winter boot camps and tell us they feel even better after a cold and crisp session.

We’ve had some beautiful sunny days and it’s been really dry this winter but to make sure you get the best experience in all weathers, it’s important to wear the right gear. Here’s our top 6 tips on how to stay comfortable and keep winter boot camps fun:

Bring a pair of waterproof gloves. The ground can be wet and cold and I recommend you invest in a pair of waterproof gloves. Sealskinz is a great brand but can be on the pricey side. Our members also recommend gloves from Decathlon and some just wear gardening gloves!

Wear a pair of trail running shoes with a good grip. They make a big difference when it’s wet and muddy. If you like to keep your feet dry, get a waterproof pair or wear waterproof socks. You are a lot less likely to slip and injure yourself and they make many boot camp exercises so much easier (e.g. mountain climbers!). You can buy them in any running store.

3. HAT
A light hat for when it’s very cold. A thin merino wool hat is usually enough but any hat will do. Some people prefer headbands or buffs to hats. A neck warmer comes in handy on very cold days.

Layer up. Wear several layers rather than one. It will keep you warmer and it also means you can get rid of one layer if you do get too hot. T-Shirts, long sleeves, fleeces, gilets, light jackets… a combination of whatever you have. Avoid wearing too many layers as you will warm up quickly. If you want to splash out get some merino wool base layers, they are the best. You can wear them for other activities like hiking and skiing as well. However, they are not cheap and it’s not necessary at all but they are a great investment if you want to be extra cosy. You also want to make sure that you have a warm dry layer to wear for your way home.

You will feel less thirsty in winter but it’s still important to bring a water bottle and stay hydrated.

If you don’t like getting wet, bring a lightweight breathable waterproof jacket on wet days.

Julia McCabe, Personal Trainer

fitandhappy, Edinburgh

Julia is a highly trained and experienced personal trainer and boot camp coach.  She owns fitandhappy in Edinburgh which offers fun and supportive fitness coaching for women.

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