Benefits of Taking a Private Tour of Scotland

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A private tour is when you and your party of friends, family or colleagues have your own tour guide and vehicle with no other travellers. A private tour can be more expensive than joining a set group tour but the benefits often outweigh the small extra cost. Your Tour Scotland offers private tours of Scotland in their luxury mini-coaches.

Your Tour Scotland private coach

1. Tour Itinerary

When you book a private tour you can stipulate the itinerary and change it during the tour. For instance, you may visit a Scottish Castle and find that you need a little longer there as you are enjoying it so much. Your private tour guide can give you that extra time. It may affect something later in the day but that is your choice. With a group set tour, you will not have that option so you will have to leave at the set itinerary times. This means you may have to stay longer at something you are not so interested in and then have to leave early from a place you love.

2. Fellow Travellers

One of the joys of travelling is seeing new places and meeting new people but we can’t guarantee you will like everyone on a tour. On a group tour, you could spend 3 days trying to avoid the person that wants to talk to you constantly on the coach. However, with a private tour, you can get away from the crowds and just spend time with your close friends and family.

Family Travel Fun on Your Tour Scotland private tour of Scotland

3. Bespoke Tours

You may be put off by a private tour that advertises bespoke tours as creating your own tour may be the last thing you want to attempt! Some people love researching a country before they visit and decide on everything they would love to visit so creating a bespoke tour with the help of their personal tour guide is ideal. However, at Your Tour Scotland, we find many of our clients want the private vehicle and tour bus but are happy to select one of our example Scottish tours. All our example tours can be tweaked but they allow you to see and do as much as possible in the allotted time. For example, you could take our 1 Day St Andrews and the Kingdom of Fife Tour or our 3 Day Speyside, Loch Ness and Glencoe Tour.

4. Comfort Breaks and Stops

A large scheduled tour will have set comfort breaks and lunch stops. With a private tour, you can stop whenever the group would like and decide where you would like to go for lunch and for how long. For instance, you may want to include lunch at a Michelin Starred restaurant or choose somewhere where you can have a picnic or eat Scottish fish and chips by the sea.

A private tour of Scotland is not just for tourists from other parts of the world. If you are local, why not book one of our tours as a work day out, or for your Mum’s birthday or to see a part of Scotland that you have never visited before. Whatever the occasion, we will help you have an enjoyable and fun day.

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