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What Makes Outdoor Wedding Ideas Great

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There is something pristine in an outdoor wedding which is irresistible and wonderful. This intimate affair is a perfect setting for witnessing two lovers to finally perpetuate their wedding vows and celebrate two different people tied by true love. A garden is a very romantic scene, with sparks of sunlight, wonderful landscape, and big trees. Just imagining yourself saying your ‘I do’ in this certain venue is like a fairy tale or a chick flick with a happy ending.

Do you also like the thought of an outdoor wedding? Have you had any outdoor wedding ideas? The first thing to consider is to select the best place for this memorable party. Make sure that the sight inspires you and suits your taste so you can enjoy the rest of this day.

Moreover, below is the list of outdoor wedding ideas:

1. Choose Wooden Chairs

Since this venue has no roofs, be aware that sunlight might scorch you and the guests, making it a very hot and irritable day. One of the outdoor wedding ideas is to select wooden chairs except of a metal chair for it absorbs the burning heat of the sun.

2. Sparkling Lights

If you opt to have the wedding reception on evening, the sparkling lights is a must! Make it more romantic and sophisticated by placing numerous lanterns throughout the area. A plain color will do. The appearance of it is like a group of stars that descended and conspired to make the wedding the best ever!

3. Simple Centerpieces

The centerpiece of a garden wedding must be as simple as possible; you can even recycle used thins like a bottle and use it as a vase! Place flowers and twigs on it, and better yet, tie small origamis on its twigs. Sometimes, simplicity makes the thing even more interesting!

4. Right Flowers

Flowers are the most important elements in a garden wedding. Keep in mind that it is dome outdoors; thus only choose the right flowers that can stand the heat of the sun. Consult a florist to find out which flowers are perfect for your celebration. Also, it is better for the flowers to be placed in a shady area.

5. Get Ready for Wind Encounters

In an outdoor setting, winds might interrupt your magical wedding. Make sure that the bride’s hair will not be swept by wind. For guys, use a pomade to avoid a bad hair day. You must also avoid light fabrics on ushers’ or bridesmaids’ attires. Don’t let this wedding crasher ruin this perfect time!

6. Good Audio is Good

A garden is an open area, and a wedding might not endure a noisy surrounding. A good sound system is everything. Make sure that the audio is loud enough for the guests to hear your wedding vows, and some announcements. Coordinate with a DJ for a good audio arrangement.

Indeed, Mother Nature is more than enough for a heavenly backdrop. May these garden outdoor wedding ideas enlighten you in pursuing the best marriage that your guests will love forever.

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